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  1. If you're looking for something to listen to. I've been working on this mix all day yesterday so I'm quite proud of how it turned out. Also I shot the video at 11pm on a beach hahaha! I left the house with nothing but my cello and a camera! haha Please enjoy and tell me if its gooood THANKS
  2. Come fill to me the parting glass. Goodnight and joy be with you all

  3. Here's a recording of Valerie we did at Festival One! Great weekend of music and fun times!

  4. Ummm did anyone else see this??!?!? http://goo.gl/VV2dMJ

    1. Indifferent Ignorance

      Indifferent Ignorance

      It's from either a Rolling Stone or a NME article (I forget which). They're online somewhere if you want to read the whole thing and not the almost-definitely-sensationalist press headlines. :)

  5. What's going on with the MCR youtube????

    1. Indifferent Ignorance

      Indifferent Ignorance

      Looks like they're uploading or re-uploading interviews and videos. Who knows why!

    2. Revenge.



      Maybe because MCR are coming back?

      Probably not though...

    3. Indifferent Ignorance

      Indifferent Ignorance

      Someone in PR probably just found the old recordings!

  6. Have we made a kickstarter for this?
  7. Anyone know any good bands? Something that sounds a lot like MCR hopefully :P

    1. RicardoSimões


      Well I listen to Falling in Reverse, Escape the Fate, Blink-182 they don't sound a lot like MCR...

    2. OtakuPunk


      I can't give you exact matches, but I recommend Delta Wave, Set To Reflect, What Say You, Drive A, and Halestorm. :)

    3. DexMorgan


      30 Seconds to Mars sometimes give me an MCR vibe

  8. RIP Brian

    1. weirdo123


      I heard macfarlane wanted to kill him off to end the series

  9. This might sound dumb but, this cover (

    ) was by who? I always thought it was MCR,simple plan, good charlotte , and green day? Or sumthing like that. Now I hear it's MxPx or like Phone Home IDK :(
  10. Woah this place still exists?!?!?!

    1. dropthedaggerromeo.


      Always has, always will.

      (Well, it hasn't always, and it probably won't last forever... but yeah, we'll still here!)

    2. RadarAnomaly


      You'd better believe it, bro!

    3. DeadBlood


      Haha, at least I know I can come back here to friendly faces :)

  11. To many cookies :/

  12. Fall Out Boy coming to Auckland? Can go coz R18 venue -___-

  13. Fall Out Boy coming to Auckland? Can go coz R18 venue -___-

  14. No New Content?!?!?!? What is this madness????

  15. Should we do some sorta Rmy Harlem Shake? No? Okay.......

  16. I like cats. I like every kinda cat.

  17. Came back from Parachute Music Festival! It WAS MINT!!!

  18. Where are the people?

  19. I'm BAAAACK GUIS!!!!!

  20. Why are the boards so quiet? :(

    1. OtakuPunk


      I don't know. :( Everybody needs to come back.

    2. StarSurfer


      that's the first time ever that there's been no new content for me to view! is everyone on twitter waiting for photographic evidence of Gerard's haircut?

    3. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      i was at school, so yeaaa

  21. This time tomorrow, it'll be 2013. TIME, Y U SO FAST?

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