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  1. Hey there! Welcome aboard :) I'm StaticWolf (a.k.a Kate), the one-woman-welcoming-club of this website. Enjoy your stay here!

  2. Hey, so... Just thought you guys should know that apparently when Harry Potter grew up he joined the Black Parade
  3. Hey guys. So, those of you who are internet junkies may know about this thing called, "When does the narwhal bacon?" That sentence is how Reddit users identify one another on various websites, games, and forums. A Redditor will ask that question somewhere, and if someone replies, "Midnight,", well, that person has found another Redditor. So I was wondering, what if we had something like that for this website? We have a code-phrase that we can use for locating each other when out-and-about on the interwebs. Let me know if you have any ideas!
  4. Could those of you who are religious please pray fro my grandpa Paul Loatman, we just found out he has cancer :(

    1. dropthedaggerromeo.


      I'm sorry :( Keeping him, you and your family in my thoughts <3

    2. Adrenaline Threat Angel
  5. My night was a little shaky. I went to an open house with my mom at this awesome school where my best friend goes, and I got to see all the classrooms and talk to all my bf's friends. Everyone was so nice and it was all going great, but in the car on the way home my mother informed me that she found out from a teacher that the school is doing a new curriculum that is severely against our religion. :[ I was excited because I don't want to be home schooled again next year. I'd go to public school but the one in our area has some serious issues with drugs and bullying.
  6. I want to see MSI in April @Orlando, but I thnk my ma is scared to let me go. Advice for anything I could say that could convince her it's safe?

    1. SulfurSiren


      Would it help if you let her go with you? You could be in the pit and she could stand further back. Just a thought...

    2. StaticWolf


      I don't think she would want to, but my 16 yr old sister might want to come! :)

  7. Hellooooo guys! I've been great. Today's my best friend's birthday, so we're gonna party till we're purple.
  8. Dude Lucy it's Kate :D I found you and added myself to your friends list. Don't forget to introduce yourself in the Sister Wives 3 thread :D

  9. Awesome, thanks Yeap, I just figured I would start at their fansite, then work outward. Their topics have to be approved before they can be posted, so it's gonna be a little while before anyone sees it.
  10. This is terrifying...

  11. Okay, I think I'm now technically a One Directioner I started a topic in their threads asking for their help. I promised them that we are a kind and peaceful Rmy, and that if they choose to help me with the survey, they will be treated with the utmost respect. (I don't want to scare them awxy)
  12. Thanks MajorSunshine Yeah, I understand your point about only having 12 people, but the only reason there's so few is that I'm not sure I'll be able to find enough Directioners. I'm trying to find their home planet on the internet ;P EDIT: I just found it. I have officially joined the One Direction Fansite.
  13. Hey guys, I've been thinking about doing something for a while, and I would need a dozen of you to help me. It's still a very primitive idea, but I'm working on evolving it into its final form. Basically I have this theory concerning the MCRmy and the One Directioners. I've noticed quite a lot of similarities between us and them, and I had an idea to do this sociology study on it. You know, because random sociology studies are so common. *sarcasm* So I figured out that I'm going to organize a survey designed specifically for the MCRmy and the 1D-ers. I need 12 MCRmy soldiers and 12 Directioners. I don't need anyone to commit for sure, I just need to know if anybody's actually open to it. If no one is, it's a stupid thesis and I'll pull the plug. Thanks all!
  14. Does anybody know where I can find a DVD of LOTMS? I looked on Amazon, but apparently the thing they have for sale there isn't a DVD at all :[
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