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  1. wow this site really is dead, huh

  2. Not that anyone cares considering the age of the last post -- given I guess 2 months really isn't that old, but it's old enough -- but I'm going to Sorority Noise and Remo Drive on Wednesday, then Hayley Kiyoko on April 11th, All Time Low on the 19th, The Wonder Years on May 20th, Subhumans on the 29th, and finally the Monolith Tour on July 21st. Y'all, what a joy it is to be able to, like, buy concert tickets with your own money. Like hell yeah I'm gonna be broke from all these concerts but like I'm glad I'll be able to experience them (also like a lot of them were under $30 so like ye that's p cheap compared to the other ones I've been buying lately). Y'all I'm so excited; it's going to be great.
  3. waiting to die in college


  5. 5 hours of testing done, 20 or so left

  6. IB Hell starts in less than a month, pray for me

  7. Apparently I ask a lot of questions because each of my posts have at least one question in them

  8. I just noticed that in my English class, I sit next to like 2 people who are relatively close to me on my senior class list. Well like one of them is directly behind me based on last name. It's really entertaining to me

  9. death is inevitable, why fear it?

  10. Been reading Dude, You're A Fag by C.J. Pascoe for my anthropology class :^) I don't get to read for fun anymore
  11. The fact that this site isn't blocked on my school's wifi is screwing up my ability to pay attention but I'm ok with this

  12. I just saw twenty one pilots if that works? But there's an ATL concert on Saturday and a Marianas Trench concert next Saturday and if I could then I would go to them, but unfortunately I won't be allowed to
  13. Ok but real talk how do you change the about me because it's actually killing me

    1. river


      click on your username at the top of the page. click on my settings. click on "edit my about me page."

    2. lutany92
  14. Hello welcome to dead town population me

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