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  1. Okay, no spoilers for you! It was a really great game though
  2. Sulfur, I really hope you gtet to talk with her soon! Ashley, did you watch the Olympic women's soccer final? They played We Are The Champions at the end Goodnight! <3
  3. Alright then. I nominate Lady Spork for Treasurer, if she's okay with that.
  4. Hello to all the awesome people that just got here Hahaha our 7th grade Honors Drama t-shirts had "save the drama for your llama" on them too
  5. Sulfur, I think you would do a magnificent job heading up the merch raffle committee! I'm having a hard time thinking of any 18+ US citizens to nominate forTreasurer. Who else here meets these criteria?
  6. Thanks for the nominations guys! My nominations: Director-Brinn (Radar Anomaly) Secretary-Caiti (rabidkilljoy) Treasurer-Gabby (NeverComingHome)
  7. I was actually referring to Caiti, but I like Sonia Sunshine too
  9. Hey guys (I'm on my phone so I probably won't be replying very often)
  10. Hello again Sonia I'm falling asleep right now, so idk how I'm gonna get through two hours of martial arts tonight XD
  11. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (again). This is an incredible book and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone <3 It's historical fiction about Nazi Germany, and it's narrated by Death, which is really awesome.
  12. I like this idea a lot. And I like your ideas, Mish! Keep 'em coming!
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