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  1. although i'm dying inside, i have to say, thank-you. Thank-you to My Chemical Romance and the MCRmy for always being there when no-one else was. We shall hold this band and what they have taught us in our hearts forever. How wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying; they will live on as long as we still are with them. Thank-you. I love you. I mean this forever. So Long and Goodnight. XOX

    1. StarSurfer


      heartfelt and beautiful sentiments :)

    2. partypoison17
  2. im absolutely loving the Conventional Weapons tracks, i cant wait for when two more are released tonight at 12 :') !!

  3. Hey everyone! im new here and ive only read a few of the forums but i honestly love it! i love how finally im surrounded by people who understand my obsession with this amazing band! <3 everyone here seems like great people and i hope to get to know some of you better!! :D

    keep running! <3

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