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  1. Merry Christmas everyone.

  2. Killjoys #6 release date is killing me. Coz it means that's when I get to read #5!

  3. how do I add something to the About Me page? Every time I click on it it says "Error: Could not load template bla bla'" Can any of you helpme with that?

    1. NeonLithium


      To edit your About Me page, go to your profile and in the top right corner of the page click on 'Edit My Profile'. It will take you to your settings. Click on 'Profile Settings' and scroll down to 'Profile Information' and click on 'Edit my About Me page' next to it. That should do it :)

    2. RadarAnomaly


      I think everyone's About Me page has that error message. The good news is your About Me info posts on the main page of your bio as well, so visitors can still read it.

    3. Narcotic Nadir

      Narcotic Nadir

      Thank you!! works now.

  4. oh how I wish I could draw. Or sing. But I'm doing my best..

  5. watching an old doctor who episode, I swear there are too many unintentional MCR references^^ scarecrows, ray guns,..

    1. StarSurfer


      haha. i know the episode you mean! (well actually the two episodes!)

    2. Narcotic Nadir
  6. tbf it's kinda hard to convert his name into Japanese

  7. lol. I'm learning Japanese & just noticed that the characters Gerard used as his twitter name meant "Jierarudo"^^

  8. oh man, I missed you guys!

  9. ah good times :DD sitting in my room with my coat and boots on, feet freezing; the heating is FINALLY getting warm

  10. I really need to get some work done, and what does Kerrang TV do? Play MCR vids all afternoon -.- lol

  11. Easy steps to have a peaceful life: don't follow any fangirls and don't ever go on tumblr. It works.

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    2. Narcotic Nadir

      Narcotic Nadir

      I broke my rule before the rumours started and followed a fangirly girl. And I regretted it, too many too strong feelings

    3. Zaden


      and never meet people through Omegle

    4. Narcotic Nadir

      Narcotic Nadir

      That's a good point. I never tried and probably never will.

  12. vote for MCR to rule about Pop, Hip Hop and Dance :Dhttp://4c3.de/xHZ

  13. Leathermouth is not (completely) dead! Anybody else happy about this? :D

  14. I'm reading To Kill A Mockingbird. Pretty good so far, but I would be very happy if the actual story would begin soon... so far it's all about the kids playing and being afraid of the haunted house.
  15. MCRmy UK, I'm with you now!

  16. Now that Frank's on Instagram, stupid annoying fangirls comment stupid things on his pictures. WHY.

    1. dropthedaggerromeo.


      Gives me the motts BIG TIME.

    2. Narcotic Nadir

      Narcotic Nadir

      It's horrible, isn't it...

  17. Considering to change my killjoy name to General Specific. Not my idea, though, but amazing.

  18. I'm a master procrastinater. Damn, I got to do something NOW

  19. How did I not know that? Thank you for the coffee at the bottom of the Umbrella Academy mug http://pics.toyhunters.de/info/toyhunters/200628/daho15343.jpg

  20. Survived 4 days without music, laptop and nearly everything you can think of a person like me might need. Yeah :D

  21. I should get a profile picture soon.. this anonymous guy annoys me

  22. Listening to Tomorrow's Money the 100th time to understand the lyrics :D

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