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  1. how do I add something to the About Me page? Every time I click on it it says "Error: Could not load template bla bla'" Can any of you helpme with that?

    1. NeonLithium


      To edit your About Me page, go to your profile and in the top right corner of the page click on 'Edit My Profile'. It will take you to your settings. Click on 'Profile Settings' and scroll down to 'Profile Information' and click on 'Edit my About Me page' next to it. That should do it :)

    2. RadarAnomaly


      I think everyone's About Me page has that error message. The good news is your About Me info posts on the main page of your bio as well, so visitors can still read it.

    3. Narcotic Nadir

      Narcotic Nadir

      Thank you!! works now.

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