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  1. Sorry my loves I fell into the black hole, that happens when reading anything by the goddess Anne Rice, for awhile. And then I've been procrastinating cause I go back to school Tuesday I tried to go back and read everything, I'll admit I only skimmed the last two pages. It does feel like the old days when we would have pages and pages of conversations I love it! YAY cosplay shenanigans Im the Harley to eir Ivy, and the Galinda in Wicked, and Im really excited to be the twin sister of Desire, Despair, that cosplay is going to be so much fun to put together. I think the only thing I have planed that isnt a partner cosplay with Rudy is my fem Captain Jack Harkness.
  2. My 18th birthday I had a friend stay over the night before and when we woke up we drove to the tattoo parlor and I got my first piece of ink, I had been planning it for 6months my friend even drew out the initial design of it for me. no party, no cake I tried baking one and it kinda exploded when I took it out of the oven My dad made chicken n dumplings and I spent the evening trying to not make it obvious that my side was sore (my tattoo is on my rib cage) so I sat on the floor by the couch opposite my mom and dad and watched Lord of the Rings. I then spent the next 10 months pretending I didnt have a tattoo, Until one day last June when I was changing my shirt my mom saw the bottom edge of my rib cage and demanded I lift my shirt to show her the rest of the tattoo. My parents are very Anti-Bodymodifications of any kind (tatoos piercings gauges ext) so it was Intersting when they found out thier "baby girl" has a tattoo and plans on getting more sorry for the story time. I hope you have a great 18th birthday when it comes around
  3. Im back but once again I always seem to miss you all. I can remember staying up late just to talk for an hour or so, or sneaking the site on my ipad at school when I was supposed to be doing research. Now I stay up late to finish projects for school. Im an Art Major now and I never thought Id prefer to write a paper over doing art, but with some of my projects that I've had Id gladly take a 3,000 word essay instead lol. As to the Universal Vs Disney, I've never been to either so Im not sure which one you prefer. But the choice for me wouldn't be choosing a park it would be choosing between spending the day with my family, or spending the day with a friend(or my mom as it is in your case) and thats how id choose which one I wanted to do. I mean ideally Id take a friend because I can only be around my family or my mother for so long before I have the urge to stab something or someone. but if you have a better relationship with yours then you might enjoy the day with them at Universal or a Disney with your mom. I guess what Im saying is choose based off who's company you would like to be in more, cause at the end of the day if you choose the place you like more but are with people you like less, its not gonna be that great of a day, and dont let anyone rain on your birthday parade. At least thats how it is for me. Sorry if that wasnt very helpful.
  4. Yeah I've been feeling all nostalgic lately, forgive me for disappearing for so long. Hopefully I'll stop by more often. I used to be on here everyday for hours a day How are you all doing? What's new in your lives?
  5. Hello lovelies, kitty here It's been so long
  6. Yeah I saw that Gee was so polite about it he was just like please don't come to my house...but yeah I feel like Gee has been tweeting more frequently lately. And I cannot contain my excitement about the PO Box:) I've written the first draft of my letter and will now go through for typos And that's great what band is it?
  7. I listened to the light behind your eyes more times than I can count. I've been on an mcr loop I can't stop listening/watching videos/ect.....
  8. I don't even know what to say

    1. glory_hallelujah


      sometimes, its best not to say anything

  9. Love the idea too and JACKIE!!! I want to be able to stay connected with you all because just like the band it's self the Rmy has been a huge part of my life
  10. It's taken all my will power not to get on here today and start ranting. I believe I've calmed down enough to let my self log in. Anyone else here?
  11. Hey yall (yeah ive been floating in and out) How has everyone been? whats new? ect.....
  12. Dear god I've been long for so long. He guys what's new in the lives of the Sister wives??
  13. I kinda dropped off the face of the Earth for awhile. I hope everyone had a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, (insert more holidays here) whatever you celebrate and a Happy New Year.
  14. Haven't been here in a couple days. How is everyone?
  15. Hey guys! I got a new phone yay no more crapy, glitchy, bipolar phone that hated me And yeah I can't watch the news anymore cause that's all that on and after hearing about the shooting my heart sank. I just don't understand what kind of person would do that....especially to children. Those who survived have had their childhood ripped from them.....it's just heart breaking and makes me want to throw up
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