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  1. Facebook is awesome! Almost everyone has one
  2. So essentially what those sites and all other resources say is (and this totally my take away from this)- We need a team, which is good 'cause we kind of already have one. People who're regular, serious, really really want this to happen and not just as along term dream like, "Oh. it would be so cool to have a worldwide meetup!". Roles need to be assigned - I feel (and again, my opinion) that we should first focus on finding an effective method of communication and working on the concrete details first - where?when?how long?, all of which are almost finalized. We tried to do the whole voting thing before, it didn't work and it was chaos. So maybe once all those details are fixed it will be easier to chalk out the "workers/point of contacts" for every aspect of planning and then go from that. Specifying features of the convention/Logistics - ideas have been thrown around and we have a basic clue of what we would like to have at the meetup, let's make it final so that we can then work around the resources we would need? There can be so things we can do - stalls for people who want to sell merch, panels!! Legalities - Once we know for sure about the 3 W's, we need to then figure out what we can and cannot do. Like, for example, I know there was talk about a band performing MCR songs? Do we need legal permission for that? I don't know how this works, so it may be a bad example but it would suck if we finalise everything only to find we aren't allowed to do that. Divide and Conquer - Once we have an idea of everything we need to do all laid out, it'll be easier for people to figure where they think they would fit best and we'll have out committees which then plan out what they need to do. All other activities from that point on will be a team to team basis, I guess. One other thing - I think we should set dates/deadlines for ourselves. It's been so easy to say, "Oh, it's in 2019!" That's just 4 more years!!! As for communication - like Kel-E said, Facebook is an option. What about Google+? I've never used it but I've heard it's okay. *shrugs* Livejournal/Dreamwidth? I know barely anyone uses it now but I think you can log in via gmail/facebook and it's easier to have everything organised by topic.
  3. This would be perfect. But again, before we can start sending out stuff to people we need a complete plan of action with every detail mentioned so that they know this is really happening and it's not just something we're randomly talking about. Should we start with a website then? That catalogs all plans as they're made.
  4. Agreeing with what Star said, how about we send out a mailer to all MCR associated people we can think off - like small magazines that covered MCR a lot, or press people or anyone with management. If we're able to rope in someone with connections it would make everything a lot smoother including calling other bands and getting sponsors. Can anyone think of people they might now or people we should send out something like an event summary to?
  5. Yes, we were. We've got Promotion and Transportation on the Google Doc and I think we have the Guests Lists somewhere on our PM. As to the roles everyone would play, I think before we get down to assigning them we should figure out how to do it,in a way that everyone agrees with. Because the last time there was talk of assigning jobs and roles, it was really random and as I remember, quite a few people were unhappy with the way that was working out. So, maybe we should just work out a way of assigning roles that ensures everyone gets a chance to "apply" for that would like to work on. Atleast, that's what I think.
  6. I'm sorry! I suck at replying on time. I like KilljoyCon: CA2019, it's short and it also get's all the points across, like even fans who don't really see themselves as Killjoy's and as part of the whole verse do know what Killjoys refers too and this one name sort of represents the whole thing perfectly. According to me, that is. I'd love to see which gets the maximum no. of votes!
  7. I like CA2019. It's so compact but powerful. While I do get what people mean, I think I would like to have Killjoy in it somewhere. Mostly 'cause that's how all of this started. Or even Rmy. It looks cool. So my vote goes to whatever name has CA2019 in it.
  8. This will still happen, right? I think we're gonna need this now, more than ever. I like Kerry's idea, it's true, elections are basically the only thing right now that's holding everything else back ,other than everyone being busy. But, we do need committee heads, I think that'll help keep it organised. And I think we did manage to make a few more lists, they just haven't been added to the notes yet.
  9. ^ YES! It's so much easier to use it now, earlier i kept having to scroll all over the page.
  10. I kept wondering why my password wasn't working, till I remembered that I had to change it yesterday :|

    1. scrumtrulescent


      It's PM's fault. :| srsly

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      It's PM's fault. :| srsly

  11. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. This book spooks me out. Always.
  12. Happy Birthday Mikey Way!! :)

  13. I think we should first just ask who all are actually interested in running for a post. And then we can nominate people and then the Voting. It's better that way, 'cause atleast we won't be nominating someone who can't take on the role, due to whatever reasons. Last time there was confusion and problems 'cause we just nominated people and then went onto voting without even figuring out if they are interested/have the time to do all the work required, all the 3 posts are loaded with work and responsibilities. That's what I think.
  14. Hey Guys, just an update from Francesca and I. The List Committee will reconvene once the List Ladies are able to lighten the load of education the society decides to dump on the shoulders of all those below the age of 25, 'cause they're all old jealous old codgers and can't see young people happy. And once the Elections are over. I figure everyone here's busy with school or work. Good thing we have 7 years to work on this.
  15. Artemis Fowl : The Last Guardian "Confidence is ignorance. If you're feeling cocky, it's because there's something you don't know" Why do book series have to end. Specially ones that are funny, intelligent and just really good.
  16. I had to finish Mockinjay. :/ I don't get how people can like Mockinjay. Or even Catching Fire. The Hunger Games was okay, even good to a certain degree. But, Mockinjay ruined it. That's 2 hours I'm not going to get back.
  17. Is there a hotel big enough near the location to house everyone?
  18. I'm totally going to quote any work I'll be doing as Legit Work experience. Make my CV a little shiny. Saving money. I forgot about that. That means we should add it somewhere. It would be easier once the venue and dates and everything else is fixed. That way a rough estimate could be formed, so everyone knows how much to save.
  19. That sounds like fun! Getting to travel with other MCRmy soldiers. Waiting for 7 more years is going be really hard.
  20. The caravan idea is amazing! Wish i lived in the US, or Mexico, or Canada. But, its 7 years, who knows! That would be great! It could help the planners get an idea of what a travel guide should be like.
  21. We could have Programs for that. It's actually something we've just covered while Francesca & I were talking about the Guests Committee. Programs would include everything, info about the activity, price, if any, and also maybe alternatives to it, like if someone isn't interested in that, what they could do during that time period, places they can visit. Send one out to everyone along with the Travel Guide, let them know what events are planned for each day. That way they can even plan their arrival and departure accordingly, depending on the events they want to attend. The idea for the planners at each hotel is really good! I'll add to the list under the Guests committee.
  22. Exactly! People like me who'll be coming from outside the US, such small bits of information can be really helpful. Maybe a rough estimate of fares and all for getting to the location from some major cities?
  23. Caiti that's really good and so organised! The Help Booklet is something that might require some work and collaboration b/w different committees like Transportation, Palmdale, Guests, but it will a major help for people coming from outside the US. And work on the Help Booklet can't start before late 2018, early 2019, 'cause in 7 years loads of things can change. It could just be a simple word document that was sent to all the people coming via email informing them about basic stuff like what to pack according to the weather, some basic routes, a few pit stops along the way, stuff like that. If it will someone's first travel abroad, i'm sure they'll be a little nervous/scared, small things like this can help them, atleast till they reach the venue, after which the whole MCRmy is there to help each other out.
  24. There are country accounts AND state accounts for each country.Facebook, twitter and tumblr are three major platforms where almost every country and/or state has an account on at least one of the three. From what I've seen on twitter, some of the country accounts are more of personal accounts now. :/ Maybe once the elections are over and the committees have been finalized, the committee in charge can start by focusing on one country at a time, it would suck if fans from, say China couldn't make it because they didn't know about this. It will be time consuming, but every MCRmy soldier/Killjoy has to know about the meetup, its not fair otherwise. I know so many people who love MCR but aren't a part of any group or forum, and i know its hard work/time consuming to get the word out to every single MCR fan out there, but we can try.
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