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  1. No se si gane pero igual voy a usar el HT #LollapaloozaChile2013 tambien voy a aprovechar de dar recomendaciones: Muse y The killers!!

  2. #HappyBirthdayRayToro !!! el cumpleaños de uno de los mejores guitarristas y con el pelo mas hermoso xD

  3. Feliz Día Mundial Del Rock!! Porfin una selebracion que valga la pena lml

  4. crossing my fingers! I wanna win!! >.<

  5. #MisConciertosPendientes My chemical Romance, Panic at The Disco y Green Day...asi puedo morir tranquila :)

  6. all I want to do Is be more like me and be less like you <3

  7. winter holiday in my country!! I'm so happy. First thing I'm gonna do: SLEEP!

  8. rain+music+drawing= perfect day :)

  9. an earthquake just occured in my country!!

    1. Gas-Trick Muder

      Gas-Trick Muder

      That wasn't an earthquake, don't exaggerate, atomic.

      If had actually been one, I would be dancing from joy...

      Forget that last part.

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