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  1. I know, but I know I'll see them again another time. and yay for you I am so jealous of the soundwave line-up this year, genuinely. which bands are you going to try and see?
  2. was going to go to leeds to see the blackout last tuesday, but the car broke on us
  3. all of this is true. if there's a post count in things like sister wives, then your post count rockets - 500 ain't enough! and I've always thought that the member lounge should be kept private, people post their twitter links/facebook links etc - dunno seems a bit open... I agree that gangs could be open since that's meant to be the whole point of Rmy, but the rest of the member lounge could be safer than it is. I'm not trying to stereotype anyone, but MCR has a large female fanbase and, as I'm sure the horrible outside world has taught us, that girls and the internet can be an easy target.
  4. I love the fact that this has reached 72 pages already
  5. tons I want to see but then money..
  6. not as active as I used to be, but I lurk lots. promise

  7. true, but it's easy to forget that the whole site isn't our own little magical kingdom
  8. t'was me http://talk.mcrmy.com/index.php?/topic/3630-improvements-to-the-board/page__view__findpost__p__298885 agree fully, particularly since we have a lot of young members, I think we're a magnet for the wrong sort of people...
  9. hahah cheers - I'm still not psyched about it yet, not surprising since it's months away... I've seen neither before so it should be interesting have fun at warped!! who's actually playing this year in the US? i keep forgetting...
  10. no idea! not been to RiP! haha i joke, he might actually work quite well at a rock festival, it depends who he's on a stage with (MCR on the same stage as Slayer at Reading '06 for example...) but i think he does actually appeal to a similar crowd, and I think his kind of music is really trying to do the same thing as any other metal band is - you know, noisy, wild and well... different. the local rock night in town plays alot of Skrillex and it's always pretty well received. i think hip=hop's a totally different bag to the whole electro thing Skrillex has going on. plus it's the middle of the night - the stoners and drunks'll be out to have fun EDIT: have fun by the way, Rock am/in... looks ace this year!
  11. good good - haha such care an then "ohhhhh" ahh well - new one coming the post, and now you know it's the real deal
  12. wow that sucks about your BL/ind CD - do update when you get the better one. was it the right version of the CD though more to the point? oh and HCT had such cool merch. uk blows
  13. get 'em scrawl it right across that BLI face
  14. yeah I saw him in november. it was insane I've never seen a crowd go so mad for a performer before. and I've seen MCR
  15. hehe I figured that I'd chance it, I bought it from Amazon, not a seller so I knew I'd be covered on misleading product info grounds if it turned out to not be the right version. the external packaging is exactly the same as the PA version - I guess it's easier to promote an album with only one cover but yeah, no worries!
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