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  1. FALL OUT BOY in one week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) can you tell I'm a little excited?
  2. the used were amazing. i got barrier right in front of bert and i had so many bruises... not to mention waiting in line outside in negative temperatures! minneapolis in january is not a good combination. but it was so worth it. my best friend caught a guitar pick from quinn, and i caught a drumstick and the setlist! i just need to do a little more begging to my parents in order to see pierce the veil/all time low in may for the spring fever tour. the closest date to me is 8 hours away, but thankfully it's on a saturday! i'm a huge PTV fan, and my best friend is in love with ATL. it's our perfect show(:
  3. the used on thursday!!!!!!!! I'm really excited(: and possibly Sleeping With Sirens in April. I can't believe it, but they're coming to a town 30 minutes away from me! Usually I have to drive 3 1/2 hours to Minneapolis to see anyone...
  4. AHHH. I just got tickets to see The Used on January 17th in Minneapolis! It's at First Avenue, which is a standing-room only venue that holds around 1,400 people. STOKED. and plus I have Green Day tickets for their February 4th show in Omaha, but it's been postponed, and they still haven't announced new dates! oh well. The Used will be my first concert EVER. Unless you count the numerous Christian and/or country concerts that I've been to with my family (which I don't... I hate country.) or that Jonas Brothers one I went to in the 8th grade. but we don't talk about that. I was young.
  5. so my green day concert got postponed. sad day... hopefully i will know soon when it's gonna be! #getbetterbillie (:

  6. I want to use this line so badly... "was your ass forged by Sauron? 'cause that shit is PRECIOUS." #nerdlife #lordoftherings

  7. i hate it when i'm making a milkshake and all the boys show up in my yard.

  8. wouldn't it be awesome if the @SFGiants swept the tigers? #couldhappen #inaperfectworld

  9. news flash honey, not everyone is trying to get in your pants. #getoveryourself

  10. just realized all my tweets from today have the word 'nerd' in them. i gotta switch it up! #geeklife

  11. to further establish my nerdiness, i'm now getting distracted from my HP/LOTR essay by the NY comic con livestream. #nerdlife #dontcare

  12. is there another side? beyond the black and white, place I could meet you by, a place on the other sideā™„ @WeAreTheUsed

  13. does anyone have today's kerrang scans?

  14. trying to convince myself that watching the two towers is preparation for my grammar paper... #itworks

  15. thinkin this weekend is gonna end up being a lord of the rings weekend. #nerdlife

  16. at this rate i'm still gonna have 10 journals to write tomorrow still... #sadface

  17. it's almost time for @GreenDay to wake up...

  18. listening to the new green day album in grammar >>>>>

  19. wow i wasn't even watching the game and i know what happened just from my timeline. #freakoutontwitter

  20. let's just all hope that @gerardway doesn't freak out tonight like @BJAofficial did last night... even tho it was AWESOME. #smashedguitar

  21. wow, you're so modest and humble! hahaha just kidding. #allyoutalkaboutisyourself

  22. she screams in silence, a sullen riot penetrating through her mind... @GreenDay

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