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  1. so my green day concert got postponed. sad day... hopefully i will know soon when it's gonna be! #getbetterbillie (:

  2. I want to use this line so badly... "was your ass forged by Sauron? 'cause that shit is PRECIOUS." #nerdlife #lordoftherings

  3. i hate it when i'm making a milkshake and all the boys show up in my yard.

  4. wouldn't it be awesome if the @SFGiants swept the tigers? #couldhappen #inaperfectworld

  5. news flash honey, not everyone is trying to get in your pants. #getoveryourself

  6. just realized all my tweets from today have the word 'nerd' in them. i gotta switch it up! #geeklife

  7. to further establish my nerdiness, i'm now getting distracted from my HP/LOTR essay by the NY comic con livestream. #nerdlife #dontcare

  8. is there another side? beyond the black and white, place I could meet you by, a place on the other sideā™„ @WeAreTheUsed

  9. does anyone have today's kerrang scans?

  10. trying to convince myself that watching the two towers is preparation for my grammar paper... #itworks

  11. thinkin this weekend is gonna end up being a lord of the rings weekend. #nerdlife

  12. at this rate i'm still gonna have 10 journals to write tomorrow still... #sadface

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