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  1. haaaaave you heard the news you`re deeaaad? :D that song is so catchy.. may it ring in your ears for the next couple of hours :)

  2. grr.. my computer won`t let me put pictures on here! >:|

  3. i love epic tweets! :D <3

  4. wow. my grandma and grandpa gave me thirty dollars! -jaw drops- shopping! x)

  5. is drawing all kinds of fan art! :3

  6. i had a fucking awesome birthday yesterday! :D .. happy birthday to a miss bandit! :)

  7. fuck. fuck is just a fucking a ddicting word. it just fucking changes the whole fucking outlook on a fucking sentence. fuck! x)

  8. i`m on the edge of glory with you ;D

  9. shitty haircut = shitty day. :|

  10. three cheers for teranny, unappologetic apathy! :DD <3

  11. fuck yes!! un-grounded! :DD <3

  12. i`m not o-fucking-kay. :(

  13. mmmmm i love this band :)

  14. i really want to do something important for the band, but i have no idea what. and it just seems that if i do something, it`ll just blow up in my face. can someone help me?? x)

    1. spider.ninja


      i think we should do a huge group AZ thing... that way no one has TOO much to do, but at the same time, everyone gets to do something. thoughts?

  15. ding dong the witch is dead! :) *starts singing dead* ^____^

  16. wow. i haven`t been on here in a while. :)

  17. is going to phoenix! :D and omg i missed the computer!

  18. What's on your mind? i miss you so far! and the collision of your kiss that made it so hard! :D <3

  19. if it weren`t for this band, i`d be completely lost. if it weren`t for this band, i`d probably be gone. so thank you, mcr, for being there and showing emotion in your music! :D <3 <3 <3

  20. does anyone else feel like giving up? it feels to me as though the world is taking the spirit outta me. why is this so? :o

    1. double bang

      double bang

      ditto. but whenever i feel like crap i've got my music, so that's really all i need. people do shit things. they kinda have to

    2. GimmeAllYourPoison


      I feel like that constantly, but remember what MCR says, "think happy thoughts". That gets me through a lot of crap. But even when it doesn't really help, I wait until the next chance when I can listen to my lovely iPod <3

  21. is feeling down and i don`t know why. :/

    1. Guest


      I get that way sometimes. Just try to keep your head up! :)

  22. i dont know about all of you, but yesterday was a fucking awesome day! ;D <3

  23. i feel like crawling under a rock and make it crush me.

    1. Guest


      Awuh, I hope things get better for you. :worried:

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