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  1. haaaaave you heard the news you`re deeaaad? :D that song is so catchy.. may it ring in your ears for the next couple of hours :)

  2. grr.. my computer won`t let me put pictures on here! >:|

  3. i love epic tweets! :D <3

  4. wow. my grandma and grandpa gave me thirty dollars! -jaw drops- shopping! x)

  5. is drawing all kinds of fan art! :3

  6. i had a fucking awesome birthday yesterday! :D .. happy birthday to a miss bandit! :)

  7. fuck. fuck is just a fucking a ddicting word. it just fucking changes the whole fucking outlook on a fucking sentence. fuck! x)

  8. i`m on the edge of glory with you ;D

  9. Hey, thought i noticed you from the MCR official FB page, do you know a Partypoison Killjoysneverdie Fughoul'way-iero? ♥

  10. shitty haircut = shitty day. :|

  11. three cheers for teranny, unappologetic apathy! :DD <3

  12. fuck yes!! un-grounded! :DD <3

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