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    Also includes MSI, Green Day, Black Veil Brides, Queen, Eminem, Panic! at the Disco, Three Days Grace, Black Veil Brides, Nirvana, The Beatles, Icon For Hire, Escape the Fate, the Nearly Deads, a little Lil Wayne (don't judge), older Nevershoutnever, System Of A Down, Lady Gaga (some), and some random pop songs.

    i love reading... on books: Twilight--Read it by force. It was okay. Harry Potter--Of course i love it, who doesn't ;) and I just read almost anything. From Across The Universe (a sci-fi teen series) to The Miseducation Of Cameron Post (LGBT)

    I don't play videogames too often but i fucking love Pokemon. Like. I could rant for a century about Pokemon. I do love Sims as well. I used to play Kingdom of Hearts but i couldn't tell you when the last time I played was. but I was younger than ten for sure.

    I'm an artist. I used to be more into traditional art of drawing but now I've developed my photography skills quite a bit and have been doing more of that lately. A lot of my art has been MCR related, not to say any of it's remotely good. -shrug-
  1. Yeah I was worried about that. I'll see it through one more time and post the revision in here for another opinion.
  2. Okay, tell me what you guys think about this as a post to my blog: "The future is bulletproof, the aftermath is secondary The Killjoys are truly outdoing themselves on route Guano these days. Word has it that they're cooking up quite a fine stew of rebellion over on the West coast. Wherever you are, that sun's going to cook you up for breakfast one way or another, so you might as well fry with the other Killjoys to make it a whole brunch. I'll be seeing you there. This one's for all you rock n' rollers all you crash queens and motor babies The rumors are true! Killjoys from around the world are planning to gather and prepare for the end of the world together. That's right, if you've ever wanted to truly live the life of the killjoy now is your only chance. 2019. Summer. California. Don't miss the siren call of your fellow Killjoys." And somewhere in there would obviously be a link to the survey. Probably in the last line. What do you guys think? Take out? Add?
  3. Cassie would probably be the best at spreading the word, to be honest. She's kind of "local" legend. MFR's facebook page will hopefully be a great resource. I don't know of many other MCR pages that are quite so popular. I also am not sure just who is the popular MCR blogger (since unlike facebook I can't readily see how many people follow any particular blog) but I'm sure if word is spread via just a couple of venues such as MFR's page and my blog and potentially Cassie, then we could really garner a lot more attention.
  4. Understandable. I was avoiding trying to bring it up since I know most people don't approve of it.
  5. My buddy runs My Frerard Romance (say what you will about Frerard, but that page has 30k likes and is very active). I'm not sure what to do in regards to tumblr. Perhaps someone just uses a personal tumblr for now to just get plenty of notes and then once there's x number of notes we could start it's own tumblr page? Just a suggestion. Not sure if it's actually a good idea or not.
  6. Well I have almost 2k followers on tumblr so any post about the meetup would be seen by many if I reblogged it. Also, I'm an active member on facebook and I have a good friend who runs a really popular mcr page that could spread word as well, so there are sources to spread the word.
  7. I feel that if you want to get the word spread, it'd be best to lead away from the MCRmy forums. I feel like a lot of people no longer use this site. I know that I never check in on it. I just routinely delete the emails. It's usually the same handful of people posting here, and the majority of fans lie elsewhere. I'd recommend spreading the word sometime this coming summer, giving us a good 4 years for fans, etc. to make arrangements to come. (Whether or not our idols would be able to make it is irrelevant, I think many people would go just for the experience). The best way I think to spread this would be through social media, which I know has been started but not kept in check. The last tweet was from May 19th 2013 and the last tumblr post was late this September. This isn't going to draw any attention to have people miscellaneously talking about it. You need to think like a business. Start a facebook page with multiple admins who will be relatively active so it doesn't die out. Admins who don't post trivial shit and stick to creating suspense for people interested in going. It needs to do less with logistics and more with advertising. "WANT TO REALLY LIVE THE KILLJOY LIFE?" now that would draw me in, not "hey guys we're going to maybe do a thing someday but nobody knows about it yet, support :)" We have to pretend like it's a business not just a little event down the block. If we make it feel more legitimate it will draw more attention, even this early on. Also if you get fans who already run MCR pages or have a greater outreach and impact to share the idea then it'll really start catching on.
  8. Holy shit. Looking at all the documents. Wow. We're really organized and serious about an event that's six years away! xD I love it! <3 Gives us all the more time to plan, right? Aye carumba.
  9. Rough day. But I'll make it today.

  10. -sigh- this is one of those days where I want to slam my head through a wall. God. I hate when my art turns on me. Fucking sucks.
  11. (randomly joins back in after months of never talking ._.) YAY FOR LIFE. After weeks of hard work for the end of the term this little imp (yours truly) is going to go be irresponsible for a weekend with some pals. I live for irresponsible moments with close friends.
  12. The Bell Jar for school. It's awesome, all about depression and mental breakdowns interesting stuff! Also just finished reading Breaking Dawn (by force) and it was probably the best in the series, but mediocre at best. What a disappointment.
  13. you can always solve a problem with a good make out session. http://t.co/VteZpFWq

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