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  1. Supernatural: Season 6 Companion
  2. ikr, i love it ^_^

    and Sure ! :)

  3. No problem! I love meeting other fans too :D. I'm fine, thanks! Suffering from Supernatural withdrawal since the last season finished, but fine XD haha. How are you?

  4. Thanks! It's always great to meet another fan. How are you?

  5. I just wanted to say Hello fellow Supernatural fan! I love your avatar ^_^

  6. And by the way, thanks for the friend add! :D

  7. I see!

    No problem! :D It's a good interview too, Gerard's so smiley XD

  8. Yea, i'm on my macbook that's why :P lol

    Sorry, i haven't been on much.. But thanks for letting me know :D

  9. No worries, talk to you later then! You're welcome :D

  10. Oh man, my message keeps on disappearing so I will message you back tomorrow! And thanks for watching my video. <3

  11. Hello! Thank you for the add! :D

  12. Hi! Just to let you know, I found the interview :P

    It's on youtube as "My Chemical Romance at The Night 89X Stole Christmas", which is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JO-Mw3lzWzY

  13. Thank you! Nice to meet you too! No problem, I'm glad you made it. Me too, it gives everyone who hasn't come out/has kinda come out some hope, and it's awesome. I'm glad! See you around! :D

  14. Nice to meet you Michelle!! Thanks for posting on my thread!!! Also, thanks for sharing to us about your sexuality, I find it very awesome that people can be so open with eachother. Somthing I really wasnt, but now I am! :) Hope to see u in the zones soon! - Adrenaline Threat Angel :)

  15. Hey, the double message thing didn't happen this time! :D

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