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  1. Today is one year exactly since I joined the Mcrmy I've met a bunch of awesome people and its been a great trip here's to many more! :D

    1. SulfurSiren


      I could not agree more! We are glad to have you KK :)

  2. The Rmy has changed since the last time i was on here :o good changes though :)

  3. WOT Gerard tweeted yesterday and i didnt witness it :o

  4. Im just finsihing The Lightning Thief i bought the movie and i saw it and ive had the book on my nightstand for the longest and i thought id give it a shot and its soo good!
  5. Just saw Professional Griefers and i have no words to describe the awesomeness of it *_*

  6. I need to be here more often :o

  7. Got braces yesterday! My mouth is so sore though D:

  8. Happy birthday to the one an only... The man with a plan Ray Toro!! Have a blast Torosaurus!!! >:D

  9. Ive missed these boards :) Feels good to be back! :D

  10. Wow glad to be back in the Rmy after long break :)

  11. What a day! Went to Hollywood for the afternoon thanks to my sister! And got to be an extra for a TV show! Thanks to the REAL extras on the set :) It was unforgettable birthday seriously :)

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    2. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Really? What tv show???

    3. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      p.s. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!! *hugs*

    4. KobraKidLover13


      Thanks guys! :D oh and Angel it was an episode for the TV show LA Complex :)

  12. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! :D

  13. Happy Birthday Jojo! Wish you the best and party hard young Killjoy! >:D Have fun!

  14. cleaning out my closet if you could only see what my room looks like right now :o I cant even walk through my room D:

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