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    MY Chemical Romance (of course)
    I like to read books. I love to watch horror/scary movies.
    You've probably heard this a dozen times but what's another, MUSIC IS MY LIFE! Different genres for differnt emotions and situations right?
    I absolutly, most positively (is that a word?), disapprove haters. I personally have things in life I don't quite agree with but I leave them as they may GENERALLY: If you hate I get really sad, then mean, agressive, violent, murderous, hungery for your flesh, then accepting [not nesscesarily in that order].
    I don't mind you or how you were born so don't mind me unless I/you get very dangerous (not the good kind... see what i did there?? huh, huh!!)
    I will get stupid and ignorant at times but just let it flow, it'll pass. I could talk to people i'm use to but can't talk to people very much
    P.S. PEOPLE SCARE ME. O_O just a bad habit of mine
    HOPE I GET TO TALK TO YOU!! .................. x)
  1. Dear Sunny, this is your reminder to do your 40 sit ups today... and pick up chocolate chips for sister.. and finish your algebra. -Sunny

  2. i feel srry for a student in class that gets a lot of crap for liking Justine Bieber.


  4. Ima go home and make those m@#!* muffins and share them!

  5. worst day ever! I just know I'll regret my mistake :[

  6. I can't take this place, I'm leaving it behind.


    1. Sunshine Diamond

      Sunshine Diamond

      just adding here: THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!! *dies happy* FUCKING HYPERVENTALATNG! @o@

  8. "Susana, there's no a in tomorrow..." -_-

  9. Crap i forgot my keys! i can't get in my house >:(

    1. coke_Iero


      D'oh! Hope you get in somehow..

  10. I love how the Rmy address is already saved in my schools computer!! FTW!!!

  11. Just went a little crazy at the library but I got -Veronika Decides to Die -The Collector -Her Fearful Symmentry -Three Tales Of Chemcial Romance (didn't finish the last story) -Watchmen -A couple dozen books by Allan Moore *checks her bookbag* and then some
  12. is there something wrong with the servers?? it was mentioned on Facebook but I don't know, someone explain plz :3

    1. gift of paralysis

      gift of paralysis

      this morning the boards were down. idk it just said account suspended when i tried getting on here..

    2. Sunshine Diamond

      Sunshine Diamond

      oh thank you, I was very confused. Just noting that they're good now ^_^

  13. holy crow I've never been that only on the Rmy, like just by myself MIND-BLOWN!

  14. House Of The Rising Sun by the Animals!

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