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  1. Hey, I'm selling it for 500eur as the opened one sold for 450eur and this is still shrink wrapped
  2. I found 2 copies of conventional weapons amongst my things a few months ago. Forgot I even had them. I sold the opened one for 450eur but I have another available I'd anyone is interested. It contains the 5 records (individually shrinkwrapped), the poster and the 'case'. I'm looking for 500 as it is still unopened.Link to my original post with photos
  3. I took a break in selling things during the brunt of the pandemic but will get back to it pretty soon. The opened one sold for 450eur so I'd be selling the unopened one for 500eur.
  4. Hey, I'm sorry if you're not allowed to post these types of things here. I couldnt see anything against it in the rules so I figured I'd give it a go. I have x2 copies of conventional weapons: 5 vinyl, 1 poster, 1 box. One is still in the shrink wrap and the other set have only been played once (they sent me an mp3 file with the vinyl so I used that). They're in perfect condition and I didnt realise until yesterday how rare they were. Full sets seem to go for 400+ these days. I have to sell them for personal finance reasons and figured what better a place to find a good home for them with someone who will appreciate them than within the mcrmy. If anybody is interested dont hesitate to DM me, best 2 offers get them.
  5. Welcome to the MCRmy! If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the other moderators.

    You will find a lot of helpful information in this section to get started:


    Have fun!



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