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  1. just thought i'd let you guys know i plan to be around regularly again :]
  2. Whenever I realise there is no eyeliner left in the house, it becomes a mad dash to the nearest store.

    1. SulfurSiren


      Awww!! I've missed you Sam :)

    2. Mr_Fahrenheit


      I have missed you too. how have you been Rachel?

  3. do it! then share all the photographs with us
  4. yeah xD i think you're along on trying this experiment, but have fun
  5. oh brinn xD take some paracetamol with you too. I have a feeling you might need it!
  6. why do those pictures exist? looks very painful!
  7. i haven't been here for a long time. how's everyone holding up?
  8. I had already finished LOTR is one of my favourite series. The Two Towers is my favourite of the three
  9. i don't go to school anymore, but the apprenticeship/job I have at the moment is teaching me a lot Ash told me you passed exams and got a job, how has that been?
  10. had a few up and down moments recently for many reasons but the last few days things have been good
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