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  1. ❤️ I used to be on here a lot from 2011-2013. Stopped coming years ago but I found the login details to my account on here so I thought that I would pop in. It is sad how quiet it is, but there are still a few people around it seems, which is nice. Very loyal.
  2. Can't believe I still have my login details six years later...?

  3. Well..... hello... familiar faces much

    1. ghostytrickster


      Hello nice jade picture!

  4. i could write songs about how often im ignored everywhere omfg

  5. i have a thing for wigs i love wigs

  6. im gonna be so angry if i end up having to miss cadets bc therapy

  7. how dare you have an adorable face and not talk to me anymore i hate you

  8. wow i finally figured out how to change the status doo da

  9. gender...fludi.... genderfluid wow,.,,, wow,

  10. Panic Station sounds like a hybrid of Michael Jackson and Queen. Muse... please...

  11. im upset again omg (screams into the night)

  12. my hands feel gross omg

  13. wtf now im not going to stop thinking about that all day. thank you shit stain.

  14. I'm gone for several months and I come back to a layout change. WHOA.

  15. Hi,mthis is just my being weird. But I saw your post about blood pressure, and just wanted to say that I do have low blood pressure, but it doesn't alwxys show when I'm at the doctor, cause I'm stressed. Like, after my car accident my blood pressure was normal, when it should have been really high. Just wanted to let you know :)

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