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    I like to sing and write. It's a hobbie of mine. I play flute and piano, and I'm self teaching guitar. I can act, I had a lead in my school play. I can sort of draw, and I love my hamsters and dog. Not so much my cat and my sister's hermitcrabs.

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  1. Well, my best friend lied to me, he turned out to be the exact same as my ex best friend. My heart hurts.

  2. Is it weird that I'm in love with my best friend? And is it weird he likes me back too? I feel like this is a dream. Or I'm in one of those TV shows. I can't believe it's me, of all people. O:

    1. GimmeAllYourPoison


      I'm in love with my best friend too. Although, I'm not sure that he likes me back :/

  3. Love is a pain in the ass

  4. 'Dear friends, I love you so, and I just want to let you know, you mean the world to me.' poem by Myself, (there's more to it)

  5. What would you do, if you saw me tonight on the verge of suicide? What would you do the people I call 'friends' who caused me so much pain? MCR I want to thank you again for saving me... now I only have one purpose to live... all because of you...

  6. My profile picture is the result of playing around with water and eyeliner. Took a little while to figure out which eyeliner to use. It also took a while to edit the effect to use. Unsure of black and white or color or something. But there it is.

  7. My dear friends, you deserve much better than me.

  8. Playing with makeup is fun. I found a way to use water and eyeliner to make it look like tears. lolxD It's for a music video I had in mind.

  9. I love 'My Way Home Is Through You' it's stuck in my head <3

  10. I lost meh voice v.v Sadness

  11. Friday was amazing. I saw MCR<3 Today, I hung out with my two best guy friends. After school... and it was fun xD Writing and MCR Fanfiction, comment if you want details

  12. I am seriously tempted to walk out my front door and leave, and never go back. I'm sick of my parents blaming me for shit I didn't do, and not trusting me. It's impossiible to live like that.

  13. Well, all is well ^^ Yesterday was one of the best days I ever had xD Um yeah, happy zombie jesus day xD And I'm writing a new story, comment if you're intereseted in reading it, and I might right a MCR/MCRmy fanfic, comment if you want to read it, and or have your OC in it ^^ (Appericate it thanks ^^)

  14. Yeah that's all I want. It to thank them. They saved my life and I owe it to them to thank them and make them proud. It's the least I can do.

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