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    My #1 interest is of course: Music! I don't know where I would be if music didn't exist! My favorite band is MCR! I'm also HUGE fans of Blink 182, Angels & Airwaves, Avenged Sevenfold, Boxcar Racer, New Found Glory, The Used, and Queen. But I'm mostly a HUGE fan of anything rock/metal! :D Uhh I play Clarinet, and I LOVE to read and write! :D yayyy ^-^

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  1. *I'm trolling on this site at school* My friend: What's that? Me: CHEMI!

  2. Guess who's back... (:

    1. Indifferent Ignorance
    2. Anthroapparition
    3. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      ....if you're thinking of a girl named 'Meagan', Addy, or Adrenaline Threat Angel, then YES it is me :)

  3. The new Sleeping With Sirens album is great

    1. Misa=A


      df awsvasdcv yes it is!!!!!!!!!!!! XD i loves them!

  4. It's been 7 months today since Mitch Lucker passed away

  5. i wonder why do i have a tumblr....some of the stuff on there!

  6. Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyy to me ^_^

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    2. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      :) Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes :D
    3. river


      happy birthday!!

    4. NeonLithium


      Happy Birthday! Hope it rocks :)

  7. Chapter 1: Who Am I by New Found Glory

  8. About to take my French Final, wish me luck? :)

  9. Hawthorne Heights - This Is Who We Are <3 WHO'S READY FOR WARPED TOUR 2013?!
  10. Cause I’ve tried so hard to convince myself it’s okay that I feel this way.

  11. I know what I'm going to invent today! :)

  12. Today...All that was on my mind is Mitch Lucker...ergh >_<

  13. Helena This song is beginning to grow on me SO MUCH! Like it's going from Love mode to LOVE THIS OMG!!! IDK why though...ive been listening to this ever since it came out..
    1. RadarAnomaly


      I really enjoyed that! :)

    2. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      :) Awwe thanks :D I'm hoping to learn possibly WTTBP next, of if thats hard, maybe Early Sunsets :D
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