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  1. Went to the library today and got some books that ended up all being airplane-related, so I am currently reading: Pandora's Clock by John Nance- everyone on board an airplane is exposed to a dangerous new form of influenza and no one on the ground will let the plane land because of this The Flying Book by David Blatner- everything you ever wanted to know about flying on airplanes (a lot of facts, how planes fly, aviation history, etc.) Unfriendly Skies by Captain "X" and Reynolds Dodson- insight into the aviation industry given by an experienced (yet anonymous) major commercial airline pilot
  2. Hey guys, I have never really posted on this thread before, just thought I would pop in and say Hi.
  3. I finished reading The Hollow Hills by Mary Stewart not too long ago, and that was pretty good. It was about Merlin, King Arthur, and the Arthurian legends, so I found it interesting. Also, before reading that book, I read The Once and Future King by T.H. White. Amazing book about the Arthurian legends, I would definitely recommend it. I have to finish my book reviews on both of the books mentioned above, for a summer reading project, and then I plan on going to the library to pick up some more books. I am not sure what yet, but I am thinking of getting some nonfiction books, just to change it up a bit.
  4. When one of your favorite shows releases new episodes, and you realize you have no way of watching/ listening to them...*sigh*

  5. Whenever I watch the I'm Not Okay video and Gerard says "I'm okay know," and it shows them playing croquet, I always end up singing "I'm croquet now" in my head.

    1. SulfurSiren



  6. Happy Easter everyone... and if you don't celebrate Easter, than I hope you still have a happy day anyway.:)

  7. Printed out Gerard's letter from twitter. It ended up being three pages long. I think I'll wait to print a second copy. I don't want to use up all my ink. I saved it on a flash drive, so maybe if I get somewhere where I can print a second copy I will. Until then, one copy should be good enough.

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    2. Crimson Rain

      Crimson Rain

      That sounds like a cool idea. I don't know what I'm doing with my printed copy yet. I think I'll hide it someplace safe where I can always look at it whenever I want to.

    3. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      I think that's great :D Having an a whole bunch of MCR stuff!!! I'm keeping my stuff forever :) <3

    4. Sanity


      It didn't occur to me to save the letter! I think I'll do that now.

  8. On the bright side: In a few years MCR might have a big reunion, a reunion album, and of course a big reunion tour! :)

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    2. Crimson Rain

      Crimson Rain

      Exactly, think of how exciting it will be when they come back again!

    3. RavenChaos21


      I hope they do cause they have been the one constant in our lives for so long. We can only hope that this does happen.

    4. Adrenaline Threat Angel
  9. I am currently reading the book, Children of Dune, which is the third book in the Dune series written by Frank Herbert. These books are amazing.
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