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  1. Bigmouth Strikes Again - The Smiths \m/
  2. yay! Have tons of fun! he's great live. I know a lot of people have a misconception that he just plays his tracks and doesn't do anything during concerts but it's so not true.
  3. Does anyone else like Skrillex? I saw him this past weekend -- it was INCREDIBLE!
  4. I'm seeing Lights on Monday in Columbus, OH (: anybody like her?
  5. Personally black is my favorite, but red is a close second ;o
  6. hey! yep I'm in Columbus, I'd love to meet up sometime whenever you come down here! :) I go to concerts here all the time also. and yeah it seems that only select Hot Topics have them... Pretty lame.

  7. You're in Columbus? I sometimes go down there for concerts. Maybe if we're free next time I'm down there, we could get together for some coffee and rmy banter :) Also, thanks for the t-shirt explanation. It was really annoying me that they said it would be available and then it seemed to be consistently unavailable beyond California

  8. "Gender: Not Telling". aha.

  9. Take this spike to my heart and...

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