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  1. I was thinking about perhaps pursuing LGBT advocacy things more if i left uni, so i would keep busy. university right now is stressing me out but maybe in January i will feel different. i want to keep my responsibility but recently i have had no energy at all.
  2. It's good that you're having plans of going back. I will decide how I feel after the christmas break, i know it's because i'm in a rut right now. not sleeping and not eating much sucks I have three weeks to decide, so maybe I will feel better then. And no problem Hello, lurky nev!
  3. They know I'm very self-mocking so they know it's fine to joke around with me. I joke around with them just as much. On a different topic altogether, I'm considering leaving university after Christmas. Although I'm gonna try to stick it out, but let's see...
  4. Eh I didn't do much. Met up with a few friends I haven't seen in a while though. They always make me laugh. I have a limp at the moment and they all made jokes about it. It strangely cheered me up, haha. I guess it was there way of trying to make me feel comfortable.
  5. I was hoping it would make me feel sleepy but sadly it isn't How are you today?
  6. Helllooooo. Actually I have spent the last two hours playing MCR songs on keyboard. Very badly I might add.
  7. I can't sleep right now. My sleeping schedule is all over the place. So, 3:15 am is now an MCR party!
  8. In hindsight, taking a nap earlier was a mistake.
  9. Pretty sure we did. I remember signing up to one once, although I don't think it was ever really used.
  10. Ahhhhhhh Rudy! I was thinking about cosplaying as Sherlock when I go to comic-con :3
  11. If it shuts down without any warning, I will kill someone.
  12. Napping at 6 pm because i'm old and decrepit. this probably means i'll wake up at midnight and pull an all nighter. BUT REALLY. INSOMNIA NEEDS TO STOP. I shall be back later
  13. Yes you should Sleep well, and I will probably be obsessed when you're back
  14. I think so Moffat episodes are usually disappointing... but "Listen" from the recent series was amazing. I'm pretty sure he wrote that one. Other than that, a lot of them were badly written. Yeah, Matt was awesome. I was sad when he left, and I may have had a little cry on his final episode. I'm not even sorry
  15. I struggled to find a last name, personally. I settled on Mercury because Freddie was the closest thing to a father figure. Still, I'm hopeful that I'll get married and it'll change, but it was my way of getting through the transition and it really helped. I guess middle names aren't really important, and last names are less important than your first. I think Rudy suits you. Capaldi seems like marmite. You love or hate. Although, the scriptwriting was terrible, so it made it really hard. Moffat... just needs to stop, haha. Matt's energy brought the show to life, it was great.
  16. I'm jealous he can pull of purple hair. Damnit. Stella and Sol are nice names Ooooohhhh middle names. Actually I go by a new middle name and last name. Mostly because of my family and I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from there. My original middle name was linked to my father, and well, he's an ass. I go by Ashley Alexandria Mercury. Peter Capaldi is already up there in my top three favourites. Matt still holds the top spot, but I'm warming to Capaldi.
  17. I prefer lighter hair, although it doesn't really suit me. That's why I've stayed with dark hair. But if I ever do decide to go to lighter hair I'll definitely have a professionally done. I don't trust myself haha. Jongup is my new favourite person already. Just saying. Uncommon names are great. If anything I wanted an uncommon name, but Ashley just sort of fit. It felt right to me, but I flirted with some other names. I used to until very recently. Rudy is a lovely name :3 I changed my signature to my favourite quote ever :3
  18. Steal Freddie's mustache that's in your signature. It'll make up for the lack of eyebrows No but really I'd kill for lighter hairrrr. I don't like dark hair. I'm not even sure why. It just doesn't feel right. One day I'll have the confidence to dye my hair a much lighter colour. Besides, you're adorable. Don't worry about them eyebrows my friend. AND THAT GUY IS SO GORGEOUS. I want to touch his face. Rudy? I like it! ALSO. I just checked my email and apparently university is shut today. I'm glad I checked before I left. A whole day for myself now :3
  19. thing is about eyebrows is like, everyone says I have prominent eyebrows?? i'm like uH OKAY WHAT? and another thing, COMMENTS ABOUT MY NOSE. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. but yes, perfect eyebrows are fab. You might be right about that. I have come across as more confident in my dress sense. Probably because I stopped caring what people thought and it made me spread my wings so to speak. Even though I have been falling into bad habits again, and feeling a little down, keeping my dress sense and attitude confident has stopped me from going crazy.
  20. Pfffttttt. Complicated looks are underrated. I have some complicated looking outfits and it's great. I love it, haha. Bending rules with fashion is always a good thing, it makes you have your own little style. (Although, the jeans and t-shirt combo is still a favourite of mine) I bet they're mad and jealous. Hm, I wonder if they think that of me. Recently I have been getting quite a few compliments. I'm not sure if it's the clothes or the fact I have lost a considerable amount of weight.
  21. Thank you! And same for you It's frustrating sometimes. You should see my wardrobe right now, it's overflowing with all different types of outfits. I'm not even joking, I can't even fit any other clothes in. It feels good being in tune and aware of my gender all the time. I really enjoy expressing myself with whatever I feel comfortable with. I remember a few weeks ago, I went to university in this really cute girly skirt, and the day after I went to university in a military style jacket. There was some puzzled faces! But I know what you mean, I enjoy watching other people getting fulfilled with their gender expression
  22. I prefer they/them, but xe/hir is also acceptable. I know e/me/eir, I've never heard it being used so I know that it isn't common which must be really frustrating. I like letting my friends know all the gender pronouns, but I feel like a lot of it goes over their head. I prefer to dress in alignment with my gender. It makes me feel uncomfortable and cranky if I don't do it. I've had days where I have worn masculine clothes in the morning and changed into feminine clothes just because my gender changed. I've gone home from university just to change into different clothes. I remember one day my gender changed about four times. Although it was when I was discovering that I was trans*
  23. Personally I prefer gender neutral pronouns, but sometimes it changes. Unknown pronouns are the hardest to understand for anyone which is why I try to educate my friends in that way. Education is key Recently I have been sticking with male clothes. Felt very masculine recently. I often feel the unhappiest feeling masculine, and the happiest feeling feminine, but my gender changes so often. In a week, it probably changes at least three times.
  24. Fucking with the cis-tim. I see what you did there. Sometimes I feel androgynous. Sometimes I feel masculine. Sometimes I feel feminine. It confuses so many people but I don't caaaaareee. also one day I might post a picture of me in a skirt or dress, when I feel confident enough. I want people to question my gender, I like when people ask but the majority seem so afraid to
  25. yessssss, i'm the one in the pretty gang who makes people think "IS IT A DUDE OR A CHICK?" and of course my sarcastic sense of humour. omg something really cool happened last week though. so I felt really feminine and was like hella yeah dress time aND THIS RANDOM ASS DUDE WAS LIKE GURL YOU'RE PRETTY until he realised But then he realized and was like "Oh... well. Still pretty." MADE MY LIFE. people are sometimes really awesome.
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