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  1. Oh, I have a few of my traditions. Sam and I hang out and watch Shaun of The Dead. (don't ask me why, even I don't understand this), and we usually have his parents here, which is always nice. Although, I'm not sure if Sam is going to be here, he's currently still staying with a friend because of our relationship difficulties.
  2. Yeah, I know. It's hard, because Christmas for the majority is about family and I don't really have that. The pessimist in me comes out at Christmas.
  3. I've never really been a fan of Christmas. Reminds me of my parents too much. But New Years on the other hand... I love New Years Eve.
  4. Pretty sure that was the one I signed up to, it seems familiar. Is that going to be the go-to forum if this one goes down?
  5. Yep! I still have a weird tickle in my throat. I've been coughing over Sam all day. Poor guy.
  6. Yeah, I'm looking after myself. I got sick and couldn't eat enough for a while, which meant I lost weight, but I'm eating better now. And I was drinking a lot which distracted me from food But I'm still healthy, so I'm not worrying about it. Also, I have lots malteasers yessss.
  7. I'm trying to lose more weight but damn Christmas makes it hard.
  8. Self indulgence is always okay at Christmas. I'll probably self indulge into chocolate and put on the weight i've lost. every single year.
  9. I'm pretty sure Christmas was invented just for people who love their sleep. Right?
  10. Sam skipped work so we had a date. Haha. Rock n roll Christmas!
  11. Yay Nev! I had a really positive fun day today.
  12. I've seen a few youtube tutorials but I may watch some more. it would be awesome to experiment with more looks. hm, I might do something like that for christmas. I wanna be cute for christmas. (Agghhhh yes I need more recommendations i'm going to watch some videos when I have some free time. it's so much fun experimenting with make up ugh.) You have a good night too, sleep well Rudy
  13. Trueeee. I need more make up techniques because I always end up looking like a clown whenever i do it by myself I would love to be on a show like that, it would be so much fun. thank you. Sam is worried about me and said he'll stay here tonight with me, so yay
  14. I will catch up on it soon enough. I always get jealous when I watch it because i'm like aWW SO PRETTY through watching it all haha. I get so damn jealous. I will probably sleep soon too. If insomnia allows me to sleep.
  15. through my children and future husband i know Sam wants kids too, so it's nice to know we both have the same things in the future whenever it may happen. i've seen 4 series of it I think? it's not shown much in the UK, which sucks. i'll probably catch up at some point because expressing of queerness on TV is always fun i'm texting Sam because he just woke up. other than that, i'm doing nothing really. my life is fun. how about youuu?
  16. He's a sweetheart My thinking has always been my parents were toxic and disgusting to me after coming out, so i'd be a better person by creating a happy family unit. Of course i wouldn't want it for years to come, but it's nice to think about. i've watch some of rupaul's drag race. I haven't watched any of the recent stuff though
  17. I will I'll try to get him back on here when things are better too there is a lot of pressure on couples to have kids. I remember way back before I came out, my parents would mention me having kids in the future. mostly because they wanted grandkids, i guess. I guess the idea of a family with kids appeals to me because I hardly had a family, and when I did, it was toxic at best. although that would put most people off having kids, i guess it just did the opposite to me.
  18. I'm really excited to see him. I just wanna hug him, I miss his hugs. *goes off to be sappy* Yeah. I know what you mean. I have a friend who is desperate to get pregnant and I never really understood why. She even asked if I would help her once. I'm not even joking. I mean you know when it's the right time but she's my age and unemployed and not in a stable relationship
  19. yeah i will. we're going to catch a movie together. it'll be nice. hopefully if things go well he will be moving back in. ahhh you shouldn't be talked into anything you don't wanna do. having a kid is probably the biggest responsibility in the world and not everyone is suited for parenthood for whatever reason. i've been worried that I would be a terrible parent, but i guess most people have that.
  20. i've definitely been stressed, but hey, sex releases stress anyway. I'd mostly put it down to depression and stress, but i'm hopeful things will be fine when i see him tomorrow. I miss him. it's perfectly okay to not want children. Personally I would really love to when i'm older, adopt a kid who really needs it. But being a parent shouldn't feel like an necessity
  21. Yeah, he's feeling frustrated, as am i. My sex drive has been pretty much non-existent, but i'm hoping this changes when we meet tomorrow. i'd love to know why my sex drive died though, usually it's higher than average. Christmas is always better when you're young. Now, it's more just a nuisance, and it's made me so damn poor. I think i'd personally only feel the magic of christmas again if I ever had kids of my own.
  22. Hope so! i'm seeing Sam tomorrow morning. i know he's worried about me, and the poor guy thinks I don't find him attractive anymore we went weeks with little body contact, please tell me if this is tmi , but we're trying to work things out Christmas is my parents favourite holidays. that's why i've never really been very christmassy, but i'm determined to try and enjoy it this year. I'm sure you'll enjoy it when you're around your siblings and with the alcohol. I think i'll be sticking with the milk and mince pies. laaaame.
  23. yeah I know i will. i've felt tired and exhausted on and off for about two months. to the point where it was affecting my love life ahem. I'm sure the christmas period will be good to me, and hopefully you too
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