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  1. Definitely Realising you're progressing as a person is so liberating and uplifting. It's nice for me to finally realise what I want to do as a career, through my teens I was always searching for it. @msushouldnevereverknow thank you!
  2. This happened! I've been getting into my studies more than I usually would- even now I'm finished until September, I'm still going to work on filming projects and scriptwriting projects, and with a bit of luck, I will have work experience at my local theatre, filming performances for the company
  3. I am super duper well. Life's been good to me! Everyone is moving, good luck on your moves guys It's exciting you've changed job, Rachel. New adventures are very exciting! I've had some new adventures too, just in a different capacity.
  4. I don't use Instagram so I have no idea. Have you tried unistalling the app then reinstalling the app again? the typical turn off then on approach sometimes works
  5. I have a short story for everyone because I like sharing my life and successes on here. We organised and managed three premiere screening nights, creating everything from programmes to sell and performing all the job roles at the nights itself (visual recording, lighting, sound recording) Thursday we as a group were hosting the main film premiere screening event and it went so smoothly. I was in charge of lighting a whole theatre with 300+ people, which is a big responsibility as there was a sensitive speech towards the end concerning a student that passed away a few months ago. I was really nervous about the night, especially with the sensitive speech towards the end. As soon as the premiere ended and everything ran smoothly, much to our surprise as we expected a few hiccups and mistakes, we (as a group, just the organisers) went back to our dressing room and started high fiving each other and giving each other hugs, we were all on a really big high with big smiles on our faces. My friend Daniel then took this picture of me as the premiere ended which shows how happy I was After the speeches we went to the local pub and a guy from the second year put his arm around me and said as a group we did well hosting the event and even said the lighting was done well. I believe now I have a lot more faith and confidence in myself and my abilities, times are changing for me, and I really love it. so yeah, that's why I have been a bit MIA recently I've been extremely busy with my film production course, but now I have time to relax a little. How have you been, Rachel?
  6. Poisoning of animals (especially cats and dogs) here has been quite high so I'm always wary. There's also been quite a lot of stealing animals. Catnap? Dognap? Although if anyone tried to steal my dog I think he'd wake up the whole neighbourhood. I've heard of Leishmania but I don't know much about it. I assume it's treatable/manageable? And I've been pretty good besides stressed out because university work went all asgdsfdklfd I've mostly been busy with work and working out actually. I'm in much better shape than I was. How are you, Francesca?
  7. I always worry about my dog. Knowing how quickly my childhood dogs went is scary. A disease called "alabama rot" (which can be fatal) has had a few cases in England with several outbreaks over the past few years and was more than likely what my childhood died of. I just wanna keep him safe, because dogs, dogs are angels. Whenever I take him for walks I tend to avoid places that seem dirty or rundown. Also my dog is a border collie and he's as daft as me which is quite an achievement
  8. Celtex is really easy once you've learned all the layout, I find it really easy. It's sort of the go-to software for beginner scriptwriters, but seems to do a job for professional scriptwriters too I'm not entirely sure if I'm looking to go into screenwriting specifically but it's definitely a strong contender for me. I'm sort of torn between screenwriting or camera operator at the moment.
  9. Screenwriting is fun. I've wrote a few scripts since I started university. Do you use Celtex? the first script I wrote was based on "The Light Behind Your Eyes" and it scored the highest in my university just realised this was from days ago i'm slow
  10. Sulfur It looks like everyone has been busy. @Nev, I hope you feel less overwhelmed soon, that is not a nice feeling. I felt it a few weeks back and ended up losing weight because of the overwhelming and stressed feeling
  11. We're talking about Fahreheit and the page we're on is 666. Surely not a coincidence...
  12. I broke my finger a few years back and now it's slightly out of alignment
  13. I read something I said three years ago and I was like I was really uncool back then I do that sometimes
  14. Do you ever read back on things you've said and cringe uncontrollably
  15. Ooh, Sulfur, Melly, and Dollie are back. It's just like the old times
  16. That's very true. I think it's all a bit too tempting for me, but I hope to get to the point where I can go into a club and not want to drink. I got to football matches and have non-alcoholic drinks in a local before the game, surrounded by slightly inebriated old men, definitely tests my willpower
  17. I would love to party again, but it probably wouldn't end well.
  18. If we have MCR karaoke, I dibs the first go at it.
  19. Churchill is the only viable candidate in my eyes
  20. I don't think a prime minister day would be hugely celebrated if we had that....
  21. I was taking a pancake to the face before taking pancakes to the face was cool
  22. This random ass guy just knocked on our door (it's 1:34 am) saying he needed somewhere to stay, but he was quite intoxicated. Me being around alcohol is a bad idea.
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