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  1. Wylie Coyote wow that brings me back. Did he ever catch the Road Runner?
  2. It ends in a smart way to ensure people will watch season 5 but in general I think it was a pretty poor season. They could have done more with Sophia I thought. (Also when you see the finale I will tell you how I would have liked the season to end). A couple of episodes cracked me up too though.
  3. Can always rely on Rachel for some sassy wisdom! Honestly I was a little disappointed by the fourth season of OITNB. A few of the episodes were a bit slow and bland. Got better towards the end of the season though.
  4. Last night was amazing. Enough though I broke my year sobriety, I had a real good time. Film premiere's are fun. My friends really enjoyed it and I can't wait to share it online somewhere when I have a digital copy. And I looked cute as heck in a suit.
  5. I was thinking about how several people on here I know closely have changed over the time the site has been here and how long I have been here. So much has changed and we've all changed for the better I think, that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I know I certainly have changed. Though in 5 years time I'm sure the same would happen, still changing and progressing. I'll be 27 in 5 years time. Yikes. And maybe in five years time My Chemical Romance will be back
  6. The title is "A Blueprint For Murder" It's about a retired police officer who accidentally kills a young woman in his line of work. At the start of the film he meets another young woman who turns out to be the sister of the person who he accidentally kills years ago, and that character is very vindictive and I guess, quite evil because he wants to hurt him. But I won't give away the ending Buddhism seems very interesting to me, although I don't know much about it, it has always been the religion that has struck a chord with me, I like it's spirituality. I hope you enjoy the retreat I have mostly been focusing on trying to be more sociable. Getting out knowing more people who are passionate about film making has been really good to me. I'm working on a few projects with several people over the summer which I am really excited about
  7. I have been quite good. I've been keeping myself busy with my film course and I'm excited for when the film premieres in July. I've been quite happy recently. How is life treating you?
  8. I am still lurking! Hello Rachel! It's nice to hear you've been doing great
  9. Money problems are the worst It can be such a big stumbling block but you can get there
  10. Right time goes so fast I'm thinking about moving to London when my film course is finished. I know it's the best city to be in for my line of work. I'm worried about the money aspect and finding accommodation but I'm going to save for a year on top of my current savings and give it my best shot. If I fail at least I know I have tried. I was at a crossroads too. I don't know what advice to give other than it'll just hit you and you'll be like "damn, I wanna do that..." Hey
  11. Film course is killing me. But I've decided what my plan is to do after I leave next summer. Which is exciting, if not a bit unrealistic.
  12. I made the mistake of going to a football match without a scarf. I got cold and wet. I was so miserable. and we didn't even win. Yep it's a part of my university course. Screenwriting can be really rewarding, it's definitely something I'm considering as a career. Do you find that sometimes you have to grind out those scripts to get them completed? wubs to you
  13. Autumn is my favourite time of the year. Winter in England is just unbearable for me. The cold makes my legs hurt. I assume in the US it's much more pleasant? Buy a fake beard! I've been filming a documentary and a behind-the-scenes thing. January we start filming our feature film and I'm excited (but super nervous) for that.
  14. hey guys. what's new with you? i grew a beard and filmed a bunch of stuff.
  15. I changed the direction in my life changing my education which was a good call albeit maybe slightly risky, my main motivations was I wasn't really happy with what I was doing/where I was going. I wouldn't quit on a whim but if you keep debating it and feel unhappy there perhaps a life overhaul is a tempting thing to do. I heard the hippie train has good music after all maybe this post makes no sense at all i just woke up
  16. You seem pretty busy too Happy birthday for tomorrow. You're joining me in the old age bracket now I love the song but for me 11th September is also remembering people who we lost in the subsequent war as an aftermath, although, I watched United 93 last night, seeing how fucking awesome humanity can be in the face of adversity. 9/11 is probably my most prominent childhood memory (I was 7?) and I still can't shift the thought of thinking it was a movie.
  17. Thank you! Commissioning pieces must be really exciting for you! It's super useful having opportunities so close to you
  18. Oh that procedure sounds uncomfortable and nasty, I hope it helped though. How is the art coming along? I've been spending most of my time putting my energy into my film course, been a proactive summer! Aside from the sporadic insomnia I am quite well I think it's super awesome when you find new bands and artists from your own exploration, I've found a few recently which is great because I definitely needed something new to listen to
  19. Hey Gab! How are you? Thinking about music genres, I was pretty much raised on classic rock and Nu Metal. (oh and today is Freddie's birthday *cries*)
  20. I turned into a lurker again. I should stop doing that. Whenever someone says Nu Metal I immediately think of Linkin Park.
  21. I had my neighbours knocking on the door complaining about the music and threatened to call the police (It was 3pm... and the music wasn't even THAT loud.) Moral of the story is hot weather makes the UK miserable
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