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  1. Everyone should check out our MCR mission. A big thank you to the band! http://talk.mcrmy.com/index.php?/topic/7832-the-memory-chronicle-regiment-project/

    1. glory_hallelujah


      psst. go read my post on the "DEAR_______<3" thread

  2. Submitted my university applications. So nervous!

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    2. weirdo123


      What are you going to study?

    3. Lady_Godiva


      Hopefully I will be studying Film and Video Production, but I also applied for Psychology if I don't get my first choice.

    4. SulfurSiren


      Good luck Ashley!!!!

  3. Still here, but super busy. Hope everyone is well and you all had a nice Thanksgiving!

  4. Insomnia go away you're not allowed grrrr >:(

  5. Please sign my Gender Equality petition! http://twitition.com/bvomk

  6. I love The Killers. They're all I have been listening to for the past 3 days.

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    2. Lady_Godiva


      It is a beautiful song!

    3. SulfurSiren


      It is such a beautiful song. Which ones are your favorite overall? I would say the title track from Battle Born is by far one of my favorite songs from them overall. It is very hard to choose my top 5 Killers songs though, I'll have to think about that more and get back to you :) What about you?

    4. Lady_Godiva


      At the moment I'm listening to Here With Me, Miss Atomic Bomb and Human a lot. I think Battle Born would be my favourite album. Hot Fuss is a close second!

  7. For every bad day you have, you'll have another where you burn brighter than the sun

  8. ....Has the hacker gone away for good? Don't kids have something better to do? Gosh.

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    2. The Sane Abandoned Me
    3. The Sane Abandoned Me
    4. monroe


      awww, a real hacker would try to do something fantastic like start a war or set off missiles. But this guy just went on about Guy Fawkes....and missed the point.

  9. Stay safe East Coast. XO

  10. Ahh your ex >:( I'm so mad at him. I'm glad you feel more comfortable and happier with the new boyfriend :D

  11. Awww aww awwww I'm glad you have someone to make you feel great about yourself. Having someone for Christmas does make it better. :)

  12. Me neither omfg It'll be so perfect :D

  13. Yeah :D Aw, I bet it will be fun :D

  14. Really? :D I think I'm going to be a vampire ^_^

  15. Sure is! I need to get into the Halloween spirit xD

  16. Thank you :D My life has been busy. Mainly due to college, but I have a week off. I can finally be lazy :D

  17. Aw I'm glad you have a new boyfriend who treats you like that :D That makes me really happy. I'm glad you're feeling elated right now :D I'm doing very well :D

  18. I miss you too. How are you? <3

  19. LGBTQ support group went awesomely. I feel more confident "leading" the group. And people are starting to look up to me, my partner and my best friend asdfghjkl

    1. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      I'm wearing purple on October 19th to support yall! :)

    2. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      I'm wearing purple on October 19th to support yall! :)

    3. Lady_Godiva
  20. Nope. That's something we've never argued about. We usually argue over stupid stuff. Oooh, I need more songs. I'm stuck in the 80s at the moment :P

  21. The movement you need is on your shoulder

  22. Yeah it sure is, good luck Lainey! I'm babysitting my friends kid while Sam is at work so at least I'm contributing something...

  23. Not sure tbh. Probably not. Hmm, you should probably fill it out. Having no money sucks, me and Sam were in a bad position before he landed himself a job.

  24. Oh yeah of course, being 13 must be tough, so many tough responsibilities. -_-

    It's a community college. 2 more years and I'll have qualifications to get into uni should I choose too ^_^

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