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  1. I'm sure your wedding will be a little more grandeur than mine, but that's okay! I believe so, back in November? You have a lot of time to plan and save, and with that amount of time I'm sure it won't be so stressful! I'm usually around on Facebook nowadays, at least on Messenger, so feel free to message me when you get the time! Yeah the UK isn't that great for education, especially post-graduate. I'm hoping to in a few years time. Getting my degree really did make me feel like I can be successful so I'm thinking why stop there?
  2. I know I said this over Facebook but I'm so happy for you! I've found wedding planning stressful but if you have a lot of time it can be enjoyable, especially being creative and fun for example at the reception/party i am dressing as freddie mercury and dancing around for song because it's how i self indulge on my wedding day! The location we found to marry in is beautiful, we should compare notes sometime! Good luck with your masters thesis... I miss education! I'm still debating taking my masters but I don't have enough money at the moment
  3. Good luck with the interview Kerry! I hope everything works out for you. I totally understand the job related stress you're going through. I had a Skype interview for a HR Digital Media role and then a follow up face-to-face interview today and I find out the outcome on Friday. It's so much work and preparation for a potential unsuccessful application. My added stress is that I'm getting married in August. Unemployment sucks.
  4. Thanks for that Francesca, I've looked into Etsy and will probably use it in the near future. Since I'm starting out I'm going to stick to Pixoto to see if i can sell a few. I wonder if pseudonym generators are a thing...
  5. Definitely appreciating small achievements helps, i've been struggling to acknowledge them at times, it's tricky. I've been speaking about a disorder I have called Trichotillomania recently, it's certainly helped me feel less guilty. You're right though, it's hard for people to understand, and of course, that often makes our anxieties worse. That's a good pseudonym but I want to completely avoid using my birth name if possible. I could use Ash/Ashley Mercury, but I've used that so many times Pseudonym's are hard.
  6. Hey Kerry, I've had some anxiety issues recently too, to the point where I left my last job as I was having constant anxiety attacks, but I never talked about it online. I hope things improve for you. My recent anxiety stories go back all the way to May (Which is why I've been a bit incognito) now I'm medicated, though i still struggle with basic tasks due to anxiety, if you need someone to talk to my PMs should be open. Rachel does have a very valid point though, at least you called in that situation. 'I know I definitely couldn't have done that. I see Etsy has been talked about. I've explored the avenue of Etsy with selling my photography, but I found a site called Pixoto. Unfortunately I have to sell my photography under my birth name (which I still hate), until I can think of an ideal pseudonym, huh, still thinking on that one. Once I have a pseudonym I can change the URL. I don't just want to be "Mr Mercury" for everything. Sorry Freddie Since I'm now unemployed and getting married next year, this is how I hope to make a bit of money, though I'm not sure if it's viable, in that, i'm not sure if any would sell at all, maybe I'm being pessimistic, I'm not sure... anyway. I would however like you guys to offer me feedback on my current portfolio, I know I'm just starting out! http://www.pixoto.com/jakemottram
  7. Hey Guys. Not sure if I posted about my degree and how my life's been going but... I graduated with a 1st Class degree in Film. It certainly surprised me because I could never have imagined getting a First, just because they're quite hard to achieve. Honestly I thought I was going to come away with a 2:2 or at best, a 2:1, but I managed to get 3% over the first class threshold. At my film premiere, just before I had received the results, my lecturer told me that I had got a First and I didn't believe him, although I never thought he'd lie to me, he had no reason to, it was just hard to wrap my head around it. My other lecturer then approached me and the first thing he said to me was that my dissertation had taught him a lot of things, which was quite the compliment. Although I knew my dissertation was good, I already saw that I got 75% which is very high, the compliment made me feel even better, but getting a First overall was beyond what my aspirations and goals were, it also means I could do my Masters degree at some point too, so getting a First opens doors for me. I'm happy. I recently had an interview as a media lecturer (literally a week after I found out my degree results) and although the interview went well and the feedback was mostly positive, I didn't get the job, but it was a learning experience. I realised how much I have grown. I've been harassing TV studios by sending them my CV every couple of days. One studio in Peterborough i think i've applied for separate jobs there about 10 times. They're probably sick of seeing my name, but hey, consistence is key, right? I hope you're all well, thought I'd check in and let you guys know how I've been doing. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I'll try to check in more often
  8. I'm doing good! Yeah three years has gone by so quickly. It's quite terrifying isn't it? Dissertation writing is the bane of my life though. Strange how most people doubted I'd go to university and I'm a month to graduating. It's nice to prove people wrong. Trying to become more social though, I'm not doing great at the whole friends thing How are you?
  9. Hey guys! It's been a while. I've been busy with uni things. I technically graduate next month and my personal life has been keeping me busy too. Several good changes have happened to me over the past couple of months. Life is being very kind to me at the moment. i hope you're all well!
  10. Pink and blue sounds super cute. I'm loving the red actually. I was a bit skeptical at first but I think it suits me. (here's what I currently look like http://imgur.com/a/QtctX ) Death Spells were a lot better than I thought they'd be, I had a blast. I should know what #Parade10 is but I don't, is there a meet up or something for TBP 10th Anniversary?
  11. Oh boy the last few weeks have been intense. I met Frank! Death Spells were so good live and I'm glad I saw them. Only downside to the concert was seeing a girl faint beside me and having to pick her up in my arms until security arrived. There was only one security guy at the barricade what's up with that? Also, I dyed my hair red. Finally. I kicked anxiety's ass and now I'm channelling the danger days vibe.
  12. Wylie Coyote wow that brings me back. Did he ever catch the Road Runner?
  13. It ends in a smart way to ensure people will watch season 5 but in general I think it was a pretty poor season. They could have done more with Sophia I thought. (Also when you see the finale I will tell you how I would have liked the season to end). A couple of episodes cracked me up too though.
  14. Can always rely on Rachel for some sassy wisdom! Honestly I was a little disappointed by the fourth season of OITNB. A few of the episodes were a bit slow and bland. Got better towards the end of the season though.
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