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  1. Finished one movie. Have time for another movie. And another. And another...

  2. There's no room in this hell, there's no room in the next

  3. NOOOOOOOOO RT @gerardway I don't care what anyone says- Never Say Never was fukken great

  4. one two three four bass

  5. Root canal done, no problem. Thought it was gonna hurt, turns out I'm a big guy

  6. Donate any amount of money you want to our film Super-Man and your name will be put in the final credits http://www.indiegogo.com/Super-Man

  7. My Chemical Romance Call 'SING It For Japan' Response 'Overwhelming' http://on.mtv.com/goIcR3

  8. Follow me on twitter and ill follow you, trying to get a hold on my twitter and tumblr follower bases. http://contamination72.tumblr.com/


  9. Blackberry contract finished, using an HTC now, it's super awesome. Don't BBM me anymore

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