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  1. If anyone has signed up to my mission 'MCRmy Video' then can they please send me their videos asap, if they haven't done so already. Thankyou! :]

  2. You didn't! haha, that's epic! Now I have to go find it...*le search*

  3. Guess what I did. ;D

    It's in the MCRmy Video thread. :')

  4. ! you have 999 posts! Haha, you should tag me in the 1000th. :P

  5. Chemical, sorry I haven't sent you my video yet. I should be able to get it to you by the end of the day friday, but don't probably have time to film it until that morning. Do you think this will be ok? Sorry I haven't gotten it to you yet, this summer has kind of ran away from me.... BUT I have been thinking about what I want to say for a while and think I'll have something good up my sleeve

  6. Absolutely in love with #aReasonToSwim by @joebrooksmusic. Re-living old favourites and discovering new ones. Another perfect EP.

  7. All set for @OfficialRandL! Food, wellies, sunglasses (optimistic) and tickets. Bring on the weekend! http://t.co/pVX2S2g

  8. Literally so stressed out now. Why can't things ever be simple?

  9. These people "rioting" make me sick. The majority of said rioters are just using it as an excuse to steal and destroy hard working citizens' livelihoods. When is it going to stop?

  10. First the tragic events of Norway, and now the death of Amy Winehouse at 27. Life really is a fickle thing.

  11. Eventful bike ride. Managed to get caught in a rain storm, and then stung all down one leg when I cycled along a path with stinging nettles down the side. Wearing shorts. Ah well, seeing Transformers 3 more than made up for that.

  12. well I've been researching deserts for our meetup mostly. I went to the harry potter opening. I ended up buying hct tickets to the hollywood bowl so I'm excited about that.

  13. Hey! (:

    Yeah, everything's good.

    Not looking forward to getting up at 6 tomorrow for work, but it has to be done.

    Less than a month to go before I leave though! :P

    What's new with you?

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