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  1. Do you guys buy all these films or watch the online? Cus I'm broke :3
  2. When you've finished can you show me the list? I need to watch more > feed my addiction Mwhahahha
  3. My friend was so grossed out she started singing high school musical. Kinda ruined the mood... :L
  4. OMG that's one of y favourite films :3 the amount of times Ive seen it XD Have any of you seen black Xmas, that is messed up :L
  5. My friend found a gas mask in her loft an she's letting me borrow it > my costumes gonna be epic. I was gonna see if I could get a slipknotty looking jumpsuit thing and go in the mask and that :3
  6. YES! Omg I'm obsessed with horror recently O_O it's probably unhealthy... BUT I DUN CARE :3 I'm gonna see if I can get my wimpy friends to get a grip and come watch movies with me, if not, YAY FOR WATCHING TERRIFYING MOVIES ON MY OWN IN THE DARK XD
  7. Fine thanks I'm alot more comfortable with things at the moment, decided on my college courses and drawing lots :3 And of course CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS EEEEP. I ordered my box set this morning, so excited XD
  8. How are you nev? dear god I havnt talked to you in ages. -feel kinda bad about that one- I've just had alot going in XD GCSEs and shit. :3
  9. http://store.mychemicalromance.com/conventional-weapons-7-vinyl-box-set-shipped-individually.html I think this one is both?...^ I think if I get this one I'll get all the vinyls separately along with the downloads, from how I read it :3
  10. XD I'm sill trying to work out this vinyl shizz. Do the vinyls come with digital download too?...
  11. Hell yeah! Either that or a tractor. Or a tractor pulled by llamas
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