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  1. 12 years a slave - utterly disappointing, best thing or things about it was Michael, Benedict and Lupita. The Wolf of Wall Street - thoroughly enjoyed it, really funny. Despicable Me 2 - <3 Xmen: days of future past - yes Bryan Singer! I can just about get over X2 and X3 now. The less said about Wolverine and The Wolverine the better. Looking forward to how future movies will now play out, thanks to this kinda reboot. Next up... American Hustle!
  2. Captain America: The (yes) Winter (yes) Soldier (yeaaahhh!) So bloody good, like avengers good.
  3. Lord of the rings extended edition movies 1-3 Lovelace
  4. Percy Jackson - Sea of Monsters Kickass 2 Only God forgives Mirrors
  5. ''This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood. Our Home'' - BBC National Orchestra of Wales (Doctor Who series 3 OST)'
  6. You lucky thing - floor seats. =) The 70s version has an awesome 70s funk and feel to it. You are right about the changes to some of the song lyrics, I memorised the whole thing from my mother's souvenir brochure that she got in the 70s when she saw it - it has all the lyrics to all the songs with some major differences and subtleties in the lyrics. It was such a delight to hear these differences when I watched the 2000 stage production and was surprised at some of the differences in how some of the songs were even sung, the same with the 1996 cast recording! JCS is a great musical from start to finish, I love how it is accessible to so many people (you dont have to be religious to appreciate it) and the message so relevant even though it was written 40 odd years ago. I'm glad you enjoyed it and continue to do so...till the next revival tour... or the rumoured Marc Webb movie remake! =)
  7. I had seating on level 1 - block 103. The view was pretty decent and the sound amazing - too amazing at some points! Were you lucky enough to get floor seats at the front? Better late than never, discovering JCS. I would advise that you watch the 1973 Ted Neeley version, if you haven't already and the 2000 stage production with Glenn Carter as Jesus. I adore both versions for different reasons. I wasn't too sure about seeing the 2012/13 revival, I knew a revival was coming as ALW stated that he was keen to do a revival on 'any dream will do' (when they were looking for someone to play Joseph in Joseph and the technicolored dream coat in 2007). When superstar was announced and that the search for Jesus was on I was stoked. I watched the show hoping that we would get someone who could play such a vocally demanding role and be Jesus. My favourite from the start was Nathan James, I thought he would be well suited to the part and was gutted when ALW pretty much berated and kicked him to the curb on the show. I couldn't understand why everyone was so into Ben Forster - sure he can sing but I didn't think he was edgy enough for Jesus. My sister got me the DVD as a joke of the 2012 stage production as she knew that I was so disgruntled. I watched it grudgingly at Christmas, consoling myself with the fact that the glorious Tim Minchin was playing Judas (I got love for Minchin) - I thought the show/dvd wasn't bad and decided that I should go and see it at the 02, as only God knows when the next revival will be. As for Mel C and her singing - I've always hated her voice, I disliked the way she mangled 'I don't know how to love him'. It was so hard to stop my self making comparisons throughout the whole show to previous incarnations but I enjoyed it nonetheless and sung my little heart out during the whole damn thing!! =)
  8. I saw it on Sunday at the 02 - a lifetime wish came true!!! I missed the revival in 2000. I am still skeptical about Ben Forster's Jesus - but I gotta give credit where credit is due, he did gethsemane justice - like ted neeley justice and held his own throughout the whole thing. JCS has been integral to my childhood - mum saw it in the 70s at the palace theatre in London and from an early age the soundtrack has been kicking around my house. The icing on the cake for Sundays performance for me was Tim Rice coming out on stage with ALW - the standing ovation was much deserved!!
  9. The Hobbit an unexpected journey. Didnt think I'd like it as much as LOTR but I did. Amazing movie from start to finish with a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack.
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