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  1. Where have you been Britt? We've missed having you around. I hope school is treating you well and that you come back sometime soon. Big hugs, Sulfur :)

  2. Yep, family time :) I do most of the cooking on Thanksgiving, so it's a big deal for me! I think we are having 21 people at our house this year... it's gonna be awesome! I hope you get to take a restful break next week... Remind me what you're getting your MA in... and when do you finish?

  3. WOW sounds like you're keeping more than busy, as am I. I am mostly spending my holidays with my family for the most part. It will be nice to have time to be home and see them. What about you? Any special plans?

  4. Yes, it was a crazy week! I have been pretty good, just went to an American Chemical Society regional meeting yesterday to present my research, pretty cool! And dying for it to be Thanksgiving break! How have you been? What are your plans for the holidays?

  5. It's nice seeing you online. How is school and life been treating you lately?

  6. I miss you all dearly, just wanted to check in to say I am CRAZY stressed at school, so I have been sort of AWOL but I should be back by Saturday!

    1. SulfurSiren


      yay! It's nice to have you back :)

  7. Oh man I am super stressed too. I will be somewhat MIA the rest of the week :( Good luck with it all! I should be back on Saturday and I'll be super happy to be chattin with you all again... Thanks about the costume, it took me a lot of time and effort to put it together, considering it was all invented or borrowed, didn't spend any money on it! :)

  8. I'm good, busy with school but am getting by. Once it's the middle of November, I will have significantly more time but for now I'm a little cramped on getting everything done. How is school for you? I saw your Halloween pictures, I didn't even recognize you at first as Frankie, but you said it was you and I believe you. Incredible job!

  9. Aw hey Sulfur! I am doing well! Busy, yes, and stressed, but I relieve that by coming on here when I can :) I love talking with you all and checking up on mcr news... I didn't even know about Gerard's hair, for instance, until I checked on here and found a 7 page thread about it :D How have you been?

  10. How have you been doing Brittany? It's nice to see you were on the boards yesterday, you seem to be always so busy and we really enjoy having you when we can :) How is life?

  11. Yeah! You're here! You're gonna love it!

  12. yay! I'm glad you liked it :) G huddled them up and spoke into the dead mic, so it was actually a set change and not what they had originally planned on playing. I'm so glad they did decide to do that after all, since it was the right song for the moment and something special to be a part of

  13. Yes, loved the video of Skylines. I am glad they brought it back for Sept 11th!

  14. Hooray! Let me know how the video was and my analysis of the writing ^_^ Skylines was incredible to say the least

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