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  1. What even why am I even in school. Does bgs not get that there is a strike going on :s

  2. If anyone could add me on bbm 272959D2 or follow me on twitter @chaz_styles i will follow back and i am good to talk to :D killjoy forever <3

  3. Got a free period so bored, anyone fancy a chat?

  4. Feel so ill it is untrue! :(

  5. Your fathers rage and your mothers love

  6. Actually had a really good day! Even though my phone died coz of @abbiesuthers1

  7. Love won't stop this bomb

  8. Move on you faggot I don't like you and I never will do

  9. In Town with Shaw, Callum, Alex, Jenny, Adam and Liv <3

  10. If anyone has bbm add me! 272959D2

  11. Going to sleep now night everyone! <3

  12. Why do people tweet @justinbieber saying will you call me? He isn't going to call you we all know that so why do it

  13. In 10 A I want to be in 10 D :/

  14. I want to be @FrankIero he is my idol :)

    1. Lil' FunGhoul

      Lil' FunGhoul

      mine too!!! he is so awesome. love ur name btw and your profile pic. haha it used to b my screensaver. now its frankie!!!

    2. XXFunGhoul97XX
  15. Got a blackberry for my birthday :) im loving it :D

  16. It is my birthday on Friday yeyyyyyy I can't wait :)

    1. sallyskells


      happy early birthday

  17. Homework :/ I fuckin hate it.

    1. sallyskells


      I fucking hate it too

  18. :( biology test tomorrow :/ fml! X

  19. Lol when there is nothing to do :)

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