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  1. Maybe I should have followed the instuctions for this

  2. *sigh* lol sad face

    1. Apocalyptic Zombie

      Apocalyptic Zombie

      You see? It's ironic because I'm not laughing

  3. Oh sorry, I sent it to you on Twitter, but DON'T READ IT I'll send you another one here :]

  4. I have been away a while. ALMOST forgot how much I love the MCRmy <3

    1. Mellifluous Apocalypse

      Mellifluous Apocalypse

      You... Almost.... Forgot.... But.... YOU.... HI.

    2. pixie


      hahah. agreed with both comments.

  5. I just have to say this after seeing your pony for the threads. PONY LOVE! ((Llamas are just as equal))

  6. I like your profile pic! Ponies!

  7. My dream house is so much better than my real house. It had a en-suite :(

    1. pixie


      for some reason 'dream house' just makes me think of the show 'doll house' now

  8. I've just finished Inheritance, and I'm going to read some Jane Austen next, maybe re-read Jane Eyre afterwards.
  9. Just watchin' some Tobuscus. Maybe it will cheer me up idk

  10. I know :( I'm going to be on here more often, I just get distracted by twitter >:I How's with you :3

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