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  1. #FF @sparksthetoby because he's adorable and sweet

  2. Hey @bitchesandfools I want to win tickets to see Sparks The Rescue with Set It Off this Fall! Click here to enter: http://t.co/K1vKkxIi

  3. Hearing @breathecarolina on the zumiez radio always makes my day better

  4. Ugh, Isaac, get off my twitter

  5. CHECK OUT this @shanedawson VIDEO! "Lady Gaga's SPERM perfume!?" http://t.co/1JpnBGDi #shanedawson

  6. The waves in the One Direction's Wonderwall video is pretty.. That is all that's pretty i that video

  7. Overheard: me when I wake up: why me trying to find something to wear: why me looking in the mirror: why me... http://t.co/xoVpM4XY

  8. When you realise any of us could have walked past each other at any moment in our lives and not have known. http://t.co/1qnkBCgc

  9. Photo: pulling-the-penis-all-wrong: http://t.co/3cKxM8G4

  10. Photo: beautifulwhatsyourhurry: http://t.co/JDDU6kyo

  11. Photoset: the-absolute-funniest-posts: http://t.co/qXBWpj0g

  12. That awkward moment when someone mistakes the dark night as spiderman

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