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    MCR of course, traveling, the arts (visual and vocal), music of almost every variety (except blugrass), Starbucks, shopping, reading and writing, singing and song-writing, movie marathons, animals (esp. horses), cooking, parties and shows, and that's all I can think of right now...
  1. Daddy's little head-banger <3

  2. I really need to get my ass going on these DIY projects... #fashionmonster

  3. I don't know if I'm ready for this. Or strong enough and I feel so pathetic. #GodHelpMe

  4. I love my fashion monster of a mama so much <3 @thejazziebella #fashionmonsters thank youu<3

  5. Trying to wake this boy up is like trying to move a large boulder: almost impossible #WakeYourArseUp

  6. Why do I always crave foods not in my fridge or shelves?!? #HungryGirlProblems

  7. How awkward would it be if my back pain was bc I had to poop. #PoopingMakesEverythingAwkward

  8. I. Need. To. Find. Someone. With. A . Damn. Laser. Cutter.

  9. Is in one of those 'must reorganize my room all night' moods... #LeSigh

  10. So what's your favorite color, punk?

  11. It's so cool that a 4-legged mammal who ate fish thousands of years ago, turned into the whales in our ocean...so cool.

  12. So excited to see my mama, @thejazziebella 's editorial she dressed forrrrr #excitedlittlefashionmonster

  13. What's so hot about being a Scorpio?...oh wait, that's right ;)#ScorpiosDoItBetter

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