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    I like art and travel, i love listening to music and exploring different genres. i don't have many friends but the ones i do have i love. i am quirky and different but that is what makes me interesting.
  1. Are you shitting me! I never go on tumblr anymore and then when i do... http://t.co/1afpjrY1

  2. #nowplaying Boy Division + Tomorrow's Money - My Chemical Romance ...over and over again

  3. Doing my first #Nanowrimo this year- anyone else? Need some nanowrimo buddies. http://t.co/rbX4QUaF

    1. OtakuPunk


      Third year, actually. ^_^ And I don't have a plot! D: And I added you: I'm Neo-Courtney.

  4. My room is getting all kinds of awesome - now comes with Emily Dickinson quotes! http://t.co/uWzwUAih

  5. Any youtubers on here want me to tag them to do the ladies survey?

    1. rabidkilljoy


      *waves hand in the air*

  6. I feel like a bit of a failure of a human being when I have to google 'What is the date today.'

  7. The Bell Jar & Catcher In The Rye sitting on my sketch book while listening to The Smiths. I think i could be slightly more teen angsty.

    1. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      If this was my day, I would enjoy it!!!! The Catcher In The Rye is one of my FAVORITE books and /the Smiths are really cool! :D

  8. There is a staple in the underside of my chair.

  9. Don't you just hate it when you get to the bottom of your coffee and realize how gross it was. #GOD #ACHAVY

  10. Okay. I officially have 6.35MB free on my hard drive. #shit. oh the perils of liking music and making youtube videos.

  11. If your still breathing you're the lucky one,'cos most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs.

  12. BTW had the BEST time seeing @ChiliPeppers last night! awesome crowd- totally buzzing and worth the killer pulled muscles/epic voice loss XD

  13. #NP Closer - Nine Inch Nails

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