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  1. It’s been a while (6 years to be exact) .. but I’m back! And I’m a little lost 😅
  2. Aww thanks ladies, feeling much better this morning... Think I just had to get it off My chest.
  3. You know those nights when you can't switch your brain off... Yeah I'm having one of those and it's making me sad. All the reasons I hate living and the fact I miss my little brother so much have decided to make an appearance and I thought I had been so happy lately. F**k it! Mini rant over... Hope every one is having a good day
  4. Hey hey, it's been a while! Hope your all good
  5. So my 90's slef is fangirling right now.. 5ive are touring aus in October and me and my friend are sooooo getting tickets!!

  6. Hey guys, just checking in, it's been a while! I'm now officially 25, had a great night with my friends and family and work gave a long weekend to celebrate Also fallen in love with a KPOP group called BigBang, like I needed something else to obsess over! They're awesome and listening to them makes me want to learn korean...which turns out is pretty bloody hard, their culture is interesting though and I love learning about it. The social rankings and how they calculate age is fascinating. Anywho thats what I've been up to since I was here last, how are you all?
  7. So I've fallen in love with K-pop group BigBang ahhhh

  8. I guess friends wise I'm pretty blessed, there is about 10 of them with a few drifters in my group, they have their flaws for sure but to have kept in touch with each other for 12 years and some for 22 years is pretty damn good... Especially when we all live in different cities and towns, We must have liked each other I havnt really made new friends since leaving school though, mainly just work mates who I don't see outside of work. It's too much effort making new friends and I'm a LAZY BUM!
  9. I miss the social side of school but that's about it.. Don't miss any teachers or classes and I'm still friends with the people I met when I was 13. I love learning but at my own pace. The classroom environment did not suit me well. 7 years since I finished!.. Time flys
  10. Wow you were busy! Hahahaha good luck for your first day
  11. They are such awesome ideas, thank you! We ended up deciding on mini golf and going out for tea though since there is only going to be a couple of people ill definitely come to you for ideas for my 30th
  12. I just realised its been a bit over 10 years since I got my first job stacking shelves at a supermarket... Where the heck has that time gone!
  13. They suck... I work early every Saturday
  14. This chocolate is soooooooo good, pity I'm on my last piece

  15. Evening all I've been trying to think of something to do for my bday this year since its my 1/4 century haha. Anyone got any ideas to help me out ???
  16. My opinion on religion changes constantly.. I think having a belief in life is essential as long as it doesn't discriminate and dictate your behaviour towards others, whatever it may be. I believe in evolution and science. Also in " Ancient Aliens" I'd love to think that the fiction of Stargate is closer to reality than we know ... I probly sound nuts!!
  17. Ash I believe that's the best thing I've read all day
  18. Haha, thanks! yeah it's huge for me.. Unfortunately my friend has a dog so it's making it hard to find a place that's pet friendly and ill miss playing with my dogs and cats when i want
  19. I still don't know if it's a good thing... So far it has been
  20. Was asked tonight to rent a house with 2 friends... So moving out of home in about a week provided we get the house, no messing about here! Most major decisions in my life tend to be on the spot spontaneous ones.
  21. Really want to unfollow this pretentious twat on twitter... But they're my friend

    1. river


      do it do it do it :D

    2. Lady_Godiva


      And then block them! :D

    3. Indifferent Ignorance

      Indifferent Ignorance

      You don't need the hassle. Do it!

  22. So I missed it but happy IMCRD to those of you who didn't !
  23. Haha that's the very reason my DVD collection is so big, I can't wait for new episodes so I tend to buy and watch them in one big chunk.
  24. Hey what's crackalackin ? I just spent 4 hours sorting my DVDs out..there's a total of 488 of them and I'm out of space to keep them, they breed like rabbits hehehe
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