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  1. I'm just so happy Envy On The Coast is back. :')

  2. Next month Envy On The Coast twice! well only 2 of the original members but still super excited to see them again. it's been 6 years! And Taking Back Sunday in September.
  3. at least Envy On The Coast is back..sort of.

  4. I just came home to a mysterious package. So I'm assuming it's my secret Santa.
  5. I'll be joining too and can ship internationally. I'm excited!
  6. Aww I'm too late for secret santa. I miss everyone
  7. I had to sell my tickets for the tour with The Used But I'm going to an acoustic TBS show today.
  8. Yep I think it's weird too. But I guess that should make it an interesting show.. I'm excited anyway because I've never seen The Used and always wanted to.
  9. obviously TBS and The Used 4/15 and Bayside with Four Year Strong 4/04 Oh and Bad Rabbits 2/15
  10. Anyone else excited about TBS and The Used?

    1. msuNevershouldEverknow


      Awe! This would've been my dream tour ten years ago! ;)

  11. So I did see Tegan and Sara Saturday night. It was pretty cool and different from my usual shows I think. Mary Lambert opened and tried to make me cry. But the venue was so cute!
  12. Last year they sold the earlier tickets much cheaper then the price would rise every week or something like that. This year looks like it's just full price from the start. boooo
  13. I trust you. I will buy my ticket this Friday. Because you said so Sulfur.
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