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  1. Good! Was just making sure it didn't get lost or anything.

  2. Yeah i actually did a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely love it. thanks!!!

  3. Hey did you ever get your button?

  4. Hey awesome! I will try and send them out to you in the next couple of days or so. :)

  5. pretty cute buttons for japan. can't wait to get mine! it's awesome that you're helping out for the people who need it. you sure are an inspiration :)

  6. Sweet! Glad you got them. :)

  7. I couldn't take a picture today but I got your buttons in the mail and they're pretty sick!

  8. Nah. I had to read To Kill a Mockingbird in high school- and we also watched the movie. One of the very few books I actually enjoyed reading for a grade!

  9. haahha did you google her?!

  10. Haha! That's so awesome! Yea it's me- although I look nothing like that now.

  11. Your advatar really looked like Scout Finch, i dont know if its you or w.e but yeah everytime i see you post on things im like WHY IS SCOUT FINCH POSTING ON HERE :') haha xxxx

  12. Trying to do homework. The boards are so distracting!

  13. I LOVE meeting Kansan MCRmy. I feel so close! haha

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