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    Music is my deepest passion and there is nothing like MCRmy. This community is the first group in which I have felt comfortable, happy, and utterly free to be myself. What a beautiful thing it is to be a soldier in this rmy!

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  1. Greetings darlings, we are at approximately a year and a half until the date! I keep thinking of this thread often and have wanted to find out on how planning is going. Even if we are not doing a formal convention, an informal California 2019 get together with MCRmy boards friends would be an exceptionally exciting event. Even if we went informal, we could all stay at the same hotel and figure out plans for the group. Hope you all are doing well <3 Sulfur
  2. Greetings Sister Wives! Sorry for the extremely long absence. It's been a difficult period of time in 2017 and 2018. I am doing much better both medically and personally. I feel like I am finally getting a handle on things and it feels great! How is everyone doing? Hope we can connect again soon. All my love, Sulfur
  3. Good morning! How is everyone doing today?
  4. Hey Sonia and Kerry! I saw your messages and wanted to say hi. I am sorry for the radio silence on my end. It's a long story, but I have been in a major life transition in recent months related to some new medical diagnoses and trying to balance that in addition to work and likely moving next month. I miss you both! How have you been doing lately? Any fun summer plans?
  5. Glad you sent the request and we were able to get you added. How have you been doing lately?
  6. Hello my dears! Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far I had been talking with a number of the other MCRmy members on Facebook about recent protests and information about how to contact our representatives. After some discussion, a Facebook group was made to help us in our efforts. The page is called MCRmy friends for Social Justice. The group can be reached through the hyperlink. It is a closed group, so people can be able to share information privately. Anyone who would like to be involved is welcome to join the group. Please share widely among friends and rmy members. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1626177480731882/
  7. Lulfur is here together tonight on the boards! We are getting dinner at a yummy restaurant and are browsing together at our favorite bookstore
  8. Lulfur is super impressed and thinks they definitely could not lift that much. We looked it up and that's around 110 pounds or 130 pounds in America. Super impressive!
  9. Oops I just saw this. I am sending you all holiday greetings in spirit. Sorry I missed it. This has been an insane month How has everyone been doing lately?
  10. Hey guys! I would be interested in secret santa gift or card exchange. Hope everyone is having a fun Danger Days anniversary!! I almost forgot it was the anniversary today and I can hardly believe that happened. Today is my actual anniversary which makes it even more sweet to remember the joys of Danger Days and our fun on the boards together 5 years ago. Wishing you all well and sending you love, Sulfur
  11. It's so wonderful to see all of you on here and wish I had been here last week when you had posted. Sonia, Rachel, and Gabby, how I have missed each of you!! Things have been pretty crazy for me lately. I will be starting a new job later this month and I had to put my cat down a month ago because he had cancer. It was very sad, but I definitely made the right decision. Hope you are enjoying your lives off the webways. Send me a line sometime, because I would love to hear from all of you. Missing all my sister wives and hope to hear from you soon!
  12. Congrats Sonia!!! Hope you enjoy your summer! Great job on your first year of teaching!! Say hi to Mick Mac for me and give him an extra treat Just enjoy the years you have. No days or years are guaranteed. It's all about the quality of the years we have not the number of years. And anyways I'm going to be 28 this summer and I can tell you that getting older is actually better as we grow stronger and more self aware.
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