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    Music is my deepest passion and there is nothing like MCRmy. This community is the first group in which I have felt comfortable, happy, and utterly free to be myself. What a beautiful thing it is to be a soldier in this rmy!

    Favorites: MCR, Killers, Bright Eyes, Fitz & The Tantrums, Decemberists, Henry Rollins, Jeff Buckley, Brandon Flowers, SK6ers, Neon Trees, ZZ Ward.

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  1. So stressful! It took us 90 minutes from when the sale started and was full of anxiety! We just managed to get two tickets and will have to find another pair for our family too
  2. Overwhelmed and excited! Good luck everyone on tickets! Hoping we get good ones.
  3. Oh I totally remember that you have a horse!!! Mick Mac is carrying on which makes me happy. I wonder if my cat Mick would get along with Mick Mac. I remember wondering all these questions after I got Mick in February 2018 and then forgetting to message you about it. Miss you Sonia!
  4. Thanks Sonia!!! I cannot wait until after we get tickets. Lia and I are going to Detroit together with family and Lia is going to Riot Fest without me. Crossing my fingers too!
  5. I can see why it might feel a little odd. Honestly, I am refreshed by the fact this is not a dream and we can now use present language involving MCR!
  6. Happy Danger Days anniversary!!!! Nine years ago, this beautiful album was released and soon it will be resurrected along with our formerly defunct MCR. This album was pivotal in different ways for all of us. I am thrilled to see the boys live again, especially to have the opportunity to celebrate in California 2019 together as Lulfur. This album means the world to me and can be credited with introducing me to my bestie Lia (the wonderful other half of Lulfur). Dangers Days, here we go again my darlings!
  7. I am so glad to hear you had an amazing time at the wedding. The photo truly says it all! Nothing is going to stop you now Ash. I am proud that you feel so comfortable in your own skin and recovery to still share special moments in an environment with alcohol.
  8. Sending my love to you all! It is hard to sum up the past six years since MCR broke up. Lia and I were together at another concert the night MCR broke up. We sobbed and held each other. We made a promise that when the boys returned we would be there... And by some miracle, we were able to buy tickets at original pricing in the sale. So our dream is actually going to happen and I will report back to you all with photos and updates. I was a new professional in the field back in 2013 and was still finding my way. Now I am a social worker in an inpatient hospital with many opportunities for growth, including research. I have worked in Community Mental Health services and settings that provide skilled nursing, long term care, short term rehab, hospice, and inpatient cardiac telemetry. In 2013, I started a relationship with hopes of a life together, but this bond eventually proved to be abusive, toxic, and full of gas lighting, manipulation, and control. I took me four years to wake up to this reality and I finally broke it off in end of 2017. The next two years have been a time of healing, meditation, and finding peace within myself. There was a period of time where I was quite sick in 2016 to 2018. Life became alot of doctors appointments and medications. I still live with chronic illness and have a daily medical to do list that lasts for one double sided page. It's alot to keep suspended in my mind let alone in action. But I have found a way to make it work. To capture the joy in chronic illness and disability, which is often not seen until you're on the other side of it. Disability Rights has always been a passion of mine due to being a sibling of someone with autism, chronic illness, neurological disorder, and disabilities. In the past three years, I have chosen to be on committees and commissions trying to improve the life of people with disabilities in my work and my community. My disabilities truly have been a gift and showed me who really cared about me for who I am. It strengthened my relationships with family/friends and also helped me understand who fell away when I no longer chased them. My MCRmy bestie Lia cared for me in a way I could have never expected. She was my rock. She sought me out when I went silent and would remind me of who I am and what I am capable of when I started to lose perspective in the illness, exhaustion, and fatigue. She was there through the hard times and it is all because of MCR that we even found each other in this large world. I will live with these diseases for the rest of my life with extensive medication and equipment, but I can report with joy that I will be alive with this work left to pursue and the ability to live up to my hopes as an advocate, friend, sister, and daughter. That is more than most people can ask for. Untreated, my conditions would have worsened and could have lead to early death, which I am trying to avoid at all costs. Just grateful to be here and checking in with my dear MCRmy friends again. I have thought of you often even in my silence and missed your unconditional caring. My cat Bowie died in 2016, after being adopted in January 2011 during the height of Danger Days era. I re-homed a cat, who was already named Mick, into my life in 2018 and it was the best decision I have ever made. Both of my kitties had me dancing in the street with joy! My life is so full and I am incredibly grateful for all my darling family and close friends who have supported me through both victories and chronic illness. I am currently in remission on some conditions, but have to take alot of medications each day to help my body function similar to the average person. It can be hard to balance, but it is worth it and has given me a peace that I have never known before. There will always be ups and downs, but I have the personal and professional tools and skills to roll along with the waves instead of fighting it or being tossed about below the surface. This is largely due to my journey with meditation and mindfulness practice starting in 2016. After study and further involvement in a local zen Buddhist temple, I made the decision to formally take the precepts to become a Buddhist. It is a journey of ever-evolving adjustment and exploration. Peace and enlightenment are not static states and it takes alot of focus to simply be aware of the present moment. But, that's what helps me in my personal life and social work. It is all about finding the calm in the middle of the storm, sitting there, accepting the storm as it is with no desire to change it... and then finding peace in the middle of the raging storm that is within your mind. Sorry for the rambling. It's one of those things if it doesn't make sense to you it sounds absurd, but if you have taken a few breaths to really observe your world, it starts to come together. It takes years of these moments, but it is worth it to me and is the journey I hope to continue for the rest of my life. I am also still an avid concertgoer and that remains the same. Thanks for listening. Wishing you all the best in your day and this life ❤️
  9. So happy to see you back! You were always a good friend to me and I have missed your presence.
  10. I had been thinking about you yesterday with all this news and was so happy to see you on the boards. Do you have a new cell number? If so, send it to me through facebook messenger
  11. I am really sad to hear that Brinn ❤️
  12. I would hope this goes without saying, but we will definitely be keeping all our sister wives updated and hopefully have awesome pictures to share too. Wish we could all be there together and am happy to be the eyes of the group.
  13. OH my goodness. I did not realize we had such limited results within the group.
  14. We still cannot believe it. The situation looked so dark and dim, but we hold in our hearts the sword and the faith, so there was no way we were giving up. I really hope Brinn got tickets too!!!!!
  15. By some miracle, after 20 minutes of refreshing, waiting in cue with the walking man, and being told there were no tickets......... LIA AND I HAVE GA TICKETS FOR THIS SPECIAL NIGHT!!!! ANYONE ELSE HAVE LUCK GETTING TICKETS???
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