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  1. That’s what happened the last time I tried to get on so I left, but it didn’t happen this time? Maybe they reupped. Missed you guys!
  2. Nacho Libre Sonia, that’s exactly how I feel about The Hobbit! They had to come up with so much unnecessary filler to stretch one (short) book into three movies that it distracted from the main plot and stopped feeling like Tolkien’s writing and more like a generic fantasy movie.
  3. I am boggled at how many people think they’re invincible and how little they care for people’s safety. Texas just broke the record of something like 10,000 cases in ONE DAY and their restaurants and shops are still open. I’m terrified all the time. My family went on a trip to Utah for my mom’s birthday and I stayed home with my sister because we were too afraid of getting exposed. I feel really sad and isolated but I am getting some stuff done around the house.
  4. I couldn’t wait, mainly because my sister did the song Burn for a talent show last semester and has been singing it nonstop since so I wanted at least some context. I thought that for a filmed version of a live show it was really good! I don’t want to give much away about the way they did things but it’s a play that lends well to being recorded in a way that feels like the real thing (in my opinion). I disliked the Hobbit films personally; in fact, I never saw the third one. Maybe I was expecting too much from them, I thought it would feel like an extension of the LOTR universe but it didn’t, and it was confusing in comparison. I also thought some character additions and certain plot differentials from the book were unnecessary and/or didn’t make sense. I had hoped that since Peter Jackson was at least somewhat involved it would seem more like a prequel and less likes slightly annoying fanfiction, but...again, I loved the original trilogy so much that I could just be being extraordinarily picky. oh, and the last movie I watched was Fantastic Mr. Fox.
  5. I do feel a bit stuck in mud. And it’s making my brain work slower. Trying to find words is...a laborious process. (no disappearing here!)
  6. Does Hamilton count? Because, Hamilton. (I’m sure you can all guess how much I love LOTR so I’m very supportive) (also I just found some of the LOTR writing I did when I was 11 lol)
  7. Hi! ive been skimming all the convos for a bit but haven’t felt like I could think of anything to add so I just lurked
  8. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (yes, again)
  9. I totally agree. Sometimes you just need to recharge your battery alone, or you just want to spend some time by yourself! It’s totally reasonable!
  10. It was, I was satisfied. And my pets were there, bonus!
  11. When my parents left for dinner I ate cheese and deli meat while I watched Chopped.
  12. Hey everyone! Happy Day of Obnoxious Relationship Bragging and Surge Pricing-Based Restaurants! I took carnations to a nursing home and then visited my grandparents (who do not live in the nursing home, two separate events).
  13. I had to miss Tool because I had a treatment that today and wasn’t allowed to drive, and I’m missing Korn and Breaking Benjamin next month because I forgot to buy a ticket when I thought I had, but that’s okay because now I’m saving my money to see MCR three times in October! I’m also seeing Foreigner in April because they had to reschedule.
  14. Bioactive! That’s the word I was looking for. Yeah, I was trying to but I don’t think I’ll try again until I move and have a bigger tank with more room. So for now he just has the hydro balls under some soil, under some magnolia leaves, which he loves to dig around in. But I’d love to see those links!
  15. He is! I have to put his food on a paper plate in his tank because he doesn’t take it from me. His setup is very ugly right now (not unsafe, just ugly) because I’m in the process of renovating. It’s a bit difficult because we don’t have any reptile vets or stores around here for me to ask questions to so I’m wading through all the conflicting information online. I also tried to make a custom background and failed completely, and tried to make a live setup but he killed all the plants and started digging up the hydro-rocks or whatever they’re called. Now he has a big ol’ natural light though!
  16. Noodles is so cuuute. I love him. My boy is a Dumerils boa named Severus Snake, and he is also such a sweet cuddle buddy. He doesn’t even strike when it comes to food. He just sort of...wazzles it. I haven’t measured him lately but I’d say he’s also around 5 feet. I’m not sure how old he is because he’s a rescue. Reptile keeping is so cool; I love watching videos of people creating really awesome setups.
  17. What kind of snake do you have? I have a snake friend myself.
  18. I would say that I've mellowed out and that I would just okay with this and nothing more (and I wish I was) but man, I'm too invested in this now. I'm not going wild and hanging on the possibility of more like it's a fact or scrutinizing their every move, but part of me I can't stuff down is too optimistic. But most of me is happy they're back and just appreciating that.
  19. Yep! So big and bold, it grabs your attention even more than the name. That’s intentional. It has to be! Whether it’s a date, I don’t know, but there’s a message in there.
  20. That’s true...you can’t really expect things without certainty because you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment at that point. And with this band, you definitely don’t know what to expect, whether it’s the guys or their promo team. So I’m trying not to take it for granted (but also part of me is still hoping)
  21. I actually had the same thought--everything was put in that video with so much care and planning that there’s no way it doesn’t mean something.
  22. That’s totally fair reasoning, especially because you love Queen so much! I’m glad you’re seeing them. Oh yeah; the drive from Oakland to Inglewood is only like 7 hours (because Californians are spoiled). I was actually getting worried about the cost of the hotels and the drive down since I have to go back and forth between Inglewood and home. I have to pay for some expensive medical treatments and I have this big expense coming up next month where I’m going to fly to Dallas with my sister so she can compete in a huge poetry slam and so was honestly thinking about eventually having to sell my Oakland ticket, but I just got a job and might have another one lined up so I feel a lot better about it. *phew* many words I’m also holding out for new music. I know that’s not guaranteed and it could be that all the intrigue and the magic theme could just be standing for them being summoned from the grave, but...I think there’s something more coming. Or maybe just hoping. Maybe not as soon as people are thinking, but coming.
  23. That’s cool! I’m glad you get to go back since you like it so much. Also, if I lived anywhere close-ish to New York is totally go there too. How far is New York from Chicago? I have a fairly long drive from Oakland to Inglewood (well, California-long) but I get the feeling yours is a LOT longer.
  24. Wow, that’s crazy! $540 plus fees probably comes out to over $600 ; mine ended up being almost $450 after a $75 service fee plus the other random fees. I’m glad you’re happy with what you got! And riot fest sounds fun I was thinking about going to Aftershock but the 3-day passes are expensive and I wouldn’t really want to go to the other days. Plus I want to save the rest of my money for the dates I’m going to since I already have to make two trips to Inglewood.
  25. That’s wild! I thought $350 plus all the fees was bad; but then I looked into prices for other dates and I was like...damn! Probably because this was for the 4th date so not as many people were swarming for tickets.
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