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  1. Unease at Rest by Wil Gibson (who told me he loved my poetry and made my decade forever)
  2. I’m sending out all my good vibes to you waiting for tickets today!! I hope you all get them.
  3. I just saw Frozen II (again) with a friend’s daughter. I still think it’s great but I didn’t like it as much the second time.
  4. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
  5. Writing down 2020 as the date just feels...wrong. Not “haha that’s weird I’m writing the wrong date because I’m used to writing 2019” it feels like I’ve misspelled it or something.
  6. My family decided to watch Inkheart on NYE, of all movies. Terrible.
  7. Happy New Year (and New Decade)!! I know, that keeps blowing my mind. I remember how far away 2019 seemed at the time. Like when we were trying to organize the meetup and we thought we had so much time to do it in...
  8. I know that people are really divided on it and I get why but I really enjoyed it, personally. I thought there were some cool throwbacks to the original trilogy and I think the acting is so good. I love the main characters, [HALF SPOILER] even if a certain relationship didn’t come to fruition the way many of us wanted it to.
  9. Thanks for the advice! I’ve actually gone to a lot of shows by myself, and I thoroughly enjoy it. The last show I went to (Against Me!) was in LA and I drove down the three+ hours to get there and stayed at a hotel by myself, and it was an incredible experience! Highly recommend. Add to my concert lineup: Foreigner on Jan. 27
  10. I hope everyone’s Christmases were lovely (and that you recuperated super quickly Sonia!) My family celebrated Christmas and Hanukkah on the same day this year; that was fun and crazy
  11. It hasn’t felt quite real for me either, especially with everything else that’s going on (Christmas, celebrating Hanukkah, my birthday, I’m getting surgery on the 27th, etc.) but I’m trying to be as involved as possible and I am very excited!
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