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  1. Happy 2019, Killjoys 🔫❤️💙💛💚
  2. Good luck with both, Rachel! I’m sure they’ve both already happened by now but maybe you’ll get some retroactive good vibes.
  3. With all this wedding and job/education talk it’s really hitting me how long we’ve all been a part of each others’ lives. It’s really incredible actually.
  4. I’d love to see Hayley Kiyoko too. Next month I’m seeing Against Me! for the first time. I’ve been a fan for like a decade so I’m stoked that I’m finally getting a chance to see them. I also just found out that my dad got tickets to see Metallica for my birthday (all the way in December) so that’s exciting. My dad and I are really really different and it’s hard for us to get along, but it seems like concerts are turning into our father/kid bonding thing. He and I saw Incubus and Jimmy Eat World together, and then a few months ago we saw Foo Fighters with my sister.
  5. My heart is still in this meetup, whatever form it takes. Even if it’s just hanging out at a hotel or campground and painting each other’s faces.
  6. That’s such a great name. My Syrian hamster’s called Dani DeVito
  7. 'salem's Lot, Stephen King. First stephen king I ever read back in high school. still scary.
  8. I know that I have basically everyone on social media, but . . . I miss you guys
  9. Howdy y'all. I know I've been neglecting my fiends for months but I had a really cool experience at the second of the two Frank shows I just went to and it made me miss you guys. (Hint: all the guys were there. I mean...hdfjklgadksgdfl. All four of them. And Jimmy and Chantal, and I saw Bert and Jepha from The Used, pretty sure the whole band was there based on what I saw from twitter. Anyway, the whole thing was such a fucking blast from the past.)
  10. Thanks for volunteering, Frank! I'll send you my info. The 15th sounds good, it should get there before Christmas if you're sending in the same country, and definitely won't get there heinously late if you're not.
  11. It looks like the host website just revamped their format! It looks good No panic!
  12. Yeah, let's all send each other cards, I think that's a great idea.
  13. I vote that Sonia sends us all presents! I'm down for either cards or gifts, (or both, if it's just a couple of people who can send gifts and the rest of us send each other cards)
  14. By the way, I've been thinking about the Secret Santa thing some more. I know that I said I wouldn't join but even though I didn't get a present back last year or the year before, I love sending presents and I love you guys, so I'm willing to take the risk again. Who else said they were in?
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