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  1. Hi friends! I’m Brinn, I’ve been around since 2011. My pronouns are they/them. I’ll be 26 in December and I live in California. 3 (more?) facts about me: 1). I, too love animals very, very much; my family and I have three cats, three dogs, and I have a snake. My favorite animals are octopuses. 2). I write poetry and compete in poetry slams in my area. I’m alright. 3). I love going to concerts (I know that’s really surprising and unique to this forum but it’s a really big part of my life). The last show I saw at the time of writing this was Against Me! in LA. Here’s the latest picture I have of me, with my snake (his name is Severus Snake): I don’t know why my picture is sideways but I can’t fix it, so here it is.
  2. Hey everybody! New friends, old friends alike, please take the opportunity to stop in this thread and introduce yourself. Please leave a post with your name and the pronouns you use, as well as a picture of yourself if you feel comfy with that, and 3 facts about yourself you’d like us to know. Then, give the whole thread a look-through and familiarize yourself with all your fellow Rmy members and pop back in to catch up every so often. So, to reiterate, we need 4 things from you: 1). Your name 2). Your pronouns 3). A picture of you (optional) 4). Three facts about yourself And post an update if any of those things change!
  3. That’s a good idea; I can start one if needs be. Unless that should be a mod thing?
  4. Most of the “Other Discussions” forum is archived, like The Asylum and the game threads (except for the top 3).
  5. I’m so glad to see all of you!! I’ve missed every single one of you very much. I’m loving having the opportunity to hear about how you’re all doing and getting updates on how we’ve all grown and changed. 🥰 I was thinking we all should post an update with the name we’d like to be used to refer to ourselves, and also our pronouns so we all know how to refer to each other correctly.
  6. I was going through your letters yesterday and thinking the same thing. I really miss talking to you. I do have a new cell number, I’ll send it to you!
  7. Thanks, Rachel 🖤 I’m very disappointed but everything’s going to be okay
  8. Oh my beloved Sister Wives, how I have missed you all. 🖤
  9. I am so happy for you two!!! I would have loved so much to go and finally see you two and have a phenomenal time together, but it looks like we’ll have to wait some more because I couldn’t get my hands on one, unfortunately.
  10. I don’t know what the hell is going on but I’m so on board, I’m overboard
  11. Happy 2019, Killjoys 🔫❤️💙💛💚
  12. Good luck with both, Rachel! I’m sure they’ve both already happened by now but maybe you’ll get some retroactive good vibes.
  13. With all this wedding and job/education talk it’s really hitting me how long we’ve all been a part of each others’ lives. It’s really incredible actually.
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