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    Well...obviously My Chemical Romance. X} I enjoy playing video games, being a photographer, listening to massive amounts of music...uh..I go to college. Majoring in Photography. I'm nineteen. I love my city even though you have to be 21 to fully enjoy it. I love art. I'm not that great at drawing and stuff but I still do it and I like to see what other people do. Wow...I realize that I'm not that great at introducing myself. sooo....I'll just stop here. :)
  1. My killjoy is getting a makeover! oh...and I come home today only to find out my dad is kicking me out of the house...I hate him right now and I'm so ready to prove him wrong. I love you guys <3

  2. All I gotta say is that I really miss seeing MCR live. It hasn't even been a year yet, but being in the crowd and being taken over by the music is really when I'm at my happiest...and I miss that dearly :(


  4. sushi sounds delicious right now.... :(

  5. FYI!! There are still a few TUA violin shirts left. I left a full explanation in TUA thread but didn't know if you would see it. Here's the link. It's the same org that sold the other one, I think the only difference is this is a girl's cut. Let me know if it works for you. If you want one, you should probably move quickly


  6. I NEED TO STUDY!! (must get off mcrmy.com) goodnight my beautiful brothers and sisters! :D

  7. Happy Ieroween and Happy Birthday to our Frank!

  8. whoo I have a reputation of 9 now! LOL!! :D goodnight everyone (finally)

    1. dropthedaggerromeo.


      You should have 10 now, because I felt generous ;D

    2. Headphone Hotshot

      Headphone Hotshot

      oh well aren't you sweet. lol :D thanks

  9. class starts in 5 hours...better get to bed.

  10. arrrrrghhhh lksjdlfje;ihaf;j I DON'T WANNA GO TO CLASSSSSSSS!!! :(

  11. Good day MCRmy! Halloween is just around the corner...so whatcha gonna be?

  12. HEELLLLOOO MCRmy! It is currently 1:04pm here in the city of sin. (Las Vegas) and I would just like to say "HOLA!" Have a great day/morning/evening/night everyone :D

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