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  1. yeah...I'm not really exited for Nintendo...but some awesome games coming out for 360 (which is what I have). Def looking forward to Hitman 5, Saints Row 3, and Assassin's Creed Revelations.

  2. Hey!! YES. A few for sure, but BioShock Infinite has to be the one that I'm most excited for. A little let down on the Nintendo side of things, though.

  3. hii...u dont know me but ur cool...haha k... bai!!

  4. so...haven't talked games in a while...did you see anything you liked at E3?

  5. BLI on my tail...took a while...but Beet-R is back in the Zones baby

    1. river


      Hope you ghosted a few dracs along the way :P

  6. I checked out your deviant art page...you're really good =DD

  7. lmao...exactly xD

  8. OMG. Toasty. That was the best response EVER. So we're not cool, we're toasty, which is better than cool.

  9. ...but thank you...you're cool too =DD

  10. Australia always bans violent games =P

    and I'm not cool...I'm...


  11. I forgot to add this.

    Do you know why you're amazingly cool?

    Because I posted a thread about MK and nobody replied at all! Maybe we're the only ultimate warriors...? :)

  12. Kratos' gameplay trailer is SO badass.I think he,Baraka and Kitana default with weapons.His fatalities are going to be so brutal.Did you hear that Australia banned it?

  13. ...crap...I read tha tcomments in the wrong order xDD

    but no...I didn't know that they were bringing "Test Your Might" Back. I'll have to look it up =P

  14. I have not...but I saw the preview at the Spike VGA...nd I do know for sure that Kartos (God of War series) is in it! =DD

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